What is Usenet and how can it be of use

Usenet is one of the largest and most secure file sharing platforms, yet even most users of Torrents have never heard of it.  It is a decentralized message distribution network that dates back to before the web was created.  Back then, all you could post was text messages and it was fairly limited.  As Usenet grew, ways of posting files were created and from that point on Usenet has had a tremendo...[Read More]

New Poll – Which event are you most looking forward to?

 New Poll – Which event are you most looking forward to?   This September is going to be a busy one, almost all the top mobile technology companies announcing something over the next two weeks. Much has been rumoured and an awful lot has been leaked already. The biggest and best manufacturers have new devices that they want us to buy, some only minor upgrades from their predecessors. (N...[Read More]

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