What To Do With a Leaky Vape Tank

What to do with a leaky vape tank

A leaky vape tank can ruin your vaping experience as the juice sometimes will spill over your hands. This usually happens when the tank is faulty and it cannot hold the juice in place. It’s a frustrating experience that should not hold you back from enjoying your juice. Before fixing the tank, you can use a paper towel to clear the mess. It happens regardless of brand, so you are not likely to escape it if it happens.


Here are some of the remedies you need to learn about that will help you out to fix a leaky vape tank.

Check the O rings

If the O rings are damaged or worn, this fault will lead to leaks. You should take apart the tank and examine the rings closely to find out if they are worn, not there, or simply broken. An imperfect O ring compromises air seal. Thankfully, you can find O-rings for cheap and you can get the right size to replace the already worn or broken one in your tank. This fix should stop the leak; otherwise, it should be something else causing the problem.

Check seals

Seals are among the most common reasons you get leaky tanks. If the tank is not fastened properly, the e-juice will easily leak out through the openings left. You need to check to find out if the threads are fastened properly, and if there is a problem you should correct the issue by making the seals airtight. You need to be careful not to fasten the screw too tightly as this can damage the seal. Check if threads have been worn from overuse and buy a replacement tank if that is the case.

Clean your tank

If after doing the things above you still get some leaks, you should try cleaning your vape tank. If the tank has not been cleaned in a while, it accumulates residue from the old e-juice used and this could lead to complications with different parts of the tank, something that will end in leakage. The best solution is to disassemble the tank then wash it in cold water and leave it overnight to dry out. A deep clean will ensure every part fits back perfectly to seal all areas.

Check for cracks

Sometimes the leaky tank will have small cracks that you cannot recognize right away. A thin crack could mean your tank is not as airtight as required, and this allows the juice to leak out through the air hole. If the glass is cracked, you can replace it as it’s inexpensive and easy to fix back.


Experiencing a leaky tank is something that can kill the fun in vaping. If your tank has been leaking, the best thing is to find the solution and fix it. Check for the quality of the O-rings and if they are worn or broken you should buy a replacement. The seals must also be airtight, so also inspect these ones, and ensure the tank is cleaned properly to remove any residues that might be putting a strain on some parts that should work smoothly.


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