10 Important PUBG Tips and Tricks From Pros

10 Important PUBG Tips and Tricks From Pros

One requires special techniques to be a pro gamer gained through daily practice or learning from the finest in the game. There are numerous contests ranging from racing, combat etc., to compete in. Once skilled, you can play PUBG online and earn substantial amounts. So below are the ten paramount tips and “stunts” from gurus you ought to have to battle it out successfully.


  1. Loot Smartly and Efficiently


For triumph, the type and the number of ammo you have compared to competitors determine your firepower. Prioritize your raid on high range rifles, backpacks and protection gears like helmets and a bulletproof vest. When looting medical kits, make sure you take as much as you need and keep a count. The bags can be a bait for enemies by strategic placement on the floor.


  1. Don’t regularly engage


The perfect way to survive in the game is avoiding offensive scenarios. Players can just win by hiding from fights and shootings. Remember to observe your surrounding consistently.


  1. Pick a convenient motor


Vehicles provide the security necessary for continuity in the contest. They act as a shield when you are under fire and as an escape tool when driving for safety. Having an exposed or open automobile such as bikes and boats is fatal because one can be an easy target. Correct parking (sideways on hills) can prevent rolling that results to an explosion.


  1. Load and adjust strategies based on weapon


The stealth strategy is right, but some settings demand the adoption of ammunition. Ensure you reload your rifle frequently and change tactics as per the gun you have at hand. For instance, you might resolve to shoot rivals at the back to give an excellent killing head start.


  1. Master the Map


Grasping the plot of various scenes and terrain on your fingertips is very helpful. This helps you avoid being picked on by other participants. It also prompts you to make the correct decision once you realize there are many contestants on the field.


  1. Capitalize on your views


Utilize both the first and 3rd person camera view to help you have an over-the-shoulder sight. The perspective ensures that you are invisible to your opponents while seeing them around corners.


  1. Plan and Coordinate properly


Devise the best action and work harmoniously with your team. Planning before any movement guarantees victory. For example, you can organize on the splits, crossfire and sprints after accessing every situation.


  1. Memorize the controls


Mastering and memorizing the predatory and survival commands aids in pulling the best move and reaction to any case. For example, you can press shift to hold breath while focusing to enhance your chances of a headshot.


  1. Choose better Jump destinations


Picking the appropriate scene and time to dive from the plane guarantees you to land in an uncrowded place. This makes the game less challenging since there will be fewer players.


  1. Always learn from previous failures


To be victorious, don’t repeat the same mistakes that got you killed before. Strategize differently by learning from your errors.




Have mastery in combat skills, strategies and controls besides proper planning, coordination, choice, and robbing. Select a good scene to land on from the aircraft and always avoid periodic blunders. Use all the available camera views, understand the plot and liaise well with teammates.


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