25 Random Thoughts Of A Professional QA Tester

tester 1

Quality Assurance engineers are some of this world’s most sarcastic, mischievous, curious and ingenious people on the planet. They always double-check facts; none of them trusts a statement without additional proof. Their job and, probably their calling are to break software into pieces simply to see what will happen if…

So what’s going on in their heads?  Our team at http://www.deviqa.com/ was curious enough to make a little test. We’ve asked some of our senior test engineers to write down all of the random thoughts they have during their day. Surprisingly enough a lot of them shared similar ideas.

So, are you interested enough to go under the hood of a software tester?

Let it rip!

  1. I just found out QA originated during WWII. People needed to check the quality of bullets and grenades in order not to kill their own troops. This thought does not leave me all day.
  2. We don’t test apps in terms of whether they work or not. Our job has surpassed that. We actually measure if users will love the product after release with qualitative and quantitative metrics.
  3. I could use a beer right now.
  4. I kind of liked pair programming with Andrew. We discovered a lot of bugs.
  5. Scripts, scripts and scripts. Who knew they could be that fun?
  6. We can’t really measure quality. It’s not like it is a physical object. We can’t poor a bucket of quality but we can achieve it through testing.
  7. I could use a beer right now.
  8. QA has defeated chaos. I really like the way we’ve set up the processes here. Products are checked In order and that’s cool.
  9. Curse those free tools. I knew I should have written a custom script.
  10. I actually like coding scripts. Maybe I should be a programmer?
  11. Nah! I totally love my job better.
  12. It’s kind of cool we define our processes with international regulations like ISO 9000 or CMMI. I wonder why we didn’t do it on my previous job?
  13. Why don’t developers like to document everything? Documenting is fun.
  14. This bug report looks fishy.
  15. This new feature looks fishy.
  16. Aha, I knew it! That bug is still reproducible.
  17. I could use a beer right now.
  18. Smart teams don’t risk going live without checking their initial value in advance. Our clients are smart.
  19. I wish automation could solve this.
  20. And this.
  21. This too.
  22. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.
  23. It’s fun to test UI and UX – I’m like an actual explorer.
  24. I’m like Indie Jones of QA. That’s cool.
  25. I have to go home now? But can’t I test for a little longer? No, I don’t need rest, I need to test!

tester 2

Well, guys in QA may be a bit special, but let me tell you that there would be no proper soft without them!

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