3 Android Games that Will Tickle Your Brain

3 Android Games that Will Tickle Your Brain featured

I know I love a good brain teaser from time to time, and so do a lot of mobile game players. These games are fun when you have to endure through a boring commute or when you’re looking for a bit of excitement and challenge. 

Since I’ve played loads of Android games, and I know good games are hard to find in the pile of games Google Play offers, I thought to share some of these fun games that will put your brain to work.

But before we start, let me make a recommendation. If you truly want to feel challenged, you may want to try The Impossible Quiz, which you can play on CrazyGames. It’s quite the teaser and keeps players on their toes for a long time (though it can be frustrating).



While it may sound like a game for mathletes, Threes! is a fun puzzle with numbers for everyone. The premise is simple – use the numbers on your screen to form three or multiples of three by smashing the blocks together. The fun part is that each new number has a different personality and they like to greet you using their voice. Also, this is a game that can be played forever, as long as you can keep the board open for movements. 

It’s a lot harder than you think and I didn’t (yet) manage to keep one round going for more than 10 minutes. Do you think you can do better? 


Happy Glass

If you like physics and want to find a way to go to the bathroom every half an hour, I suggest you try Happy Glass. Again, the premise is simple – you just have to draw a path for the water to reach from the tap into the glass. The secret is to make sure all of it (or at least most) makes it into the glass. At first, it’s rather easy. You draw a line and the water follows the course. However, I suggest muting the game since the sound of water will convince your brain that your bladder is about to burst. Also, as the levels go up, so does the difficulty of the game!

You don’t believe me? See for yourself by playing the Happy Glass game here. But first, I have to warn you – things can get pretty frustrating after a while. This happens because the first levels convince you that this is a simple, cute game only to raise the stakes and difficulty without you even noticing. 


Move the Block

This one is more like solving a Rubik’s cube since you have to slide coloured blocks in order to free the one stuck in the box. As you go through levels, you’ll have to deal with more blocks and slides, but the game also encourages players to find the shortest way to the goal (remove the stuck block by using as few moves as possible).

So, the main challenge in Move the Block is to beat your own score and performance as you get better. It’s a challenge against yourself. 


Wrap Up

As I already said, Google Play is a place of wonders when it comes to finding new Android games. But if you don’t want to waste time on research, these three will do great!

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