4 Great Reasons to Use Mobile Event Apps

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Mobile event apps are changing the way organizations host important events. These mobile apps take advantage of all the benefits the latest mobile technologies offer modern businesses. Below are some of the main reasons you should seriously consider investing in a mobile event app.

1.Better Organization and Control

Almost everyone who attends an event these days has a smartphone. It is much easier to reach your audience using a mobile event app like the one offered by DoubleDutch. There are many tools to help you make it a great event for both you and your attendees. You can customize the app with tons of features that allow you to both interact with and learn more about your audience. This can go a long way in helping you plan for future events as well.

2.Better Engagement and Interaction

The latest mobile event apps act as a gateway to your ideal attendee’s phones. This makes it much easier to engage with the people who may be attending your future events. Increased interaction builds trust and has the potential to make your events much more inclusive and more valuable for everyone involved.

3.Instant Feedback

Every serious event organizer wants to get inside the heads of their attendees. This is especially true at the end of an event. Traditionally, questionnaires were often handed around to attendees at the end of an event and collected once they were filled in. This was not always the best way to get accurate information about the success or failure of a particular event.

However, the latest mobile event apps allow you to obtain feedback from attendees in a much more effective manner. Because it is fast and easy right through the app, the audience is more likely to participate.


During the lifecycle of a business event, a lot of things happen that are not always easy to record and analyze. Mobile event apps, on the other hand, are able to track every activity that takes place between your business and attendees. Huge amounts of data are produced before, during and after each event. This data can be used to help attendees and improve the quality of each event you hold.

With all these tools at your disposal, putting on a fantastic event will be much easier and you’ll have people eager to come back again!

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  1. I really like the second point you made here. Being able to better engage with your attendees right on their mobile devices is a huge advantage, and any attendees that have questions about certain things will likely appreciate having that particular channel to ask them instead of having to track the right people down. Not only that, but mobile event apps also allow attendees to better connect with each other without the need to exchange personal phone numbers. Thanks for sharing!


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