4 Tips to Finding the Top VoIP Apps for Apple or Android

4 Tips to Finding the Top VoIP Apps for Apple or Android

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a modern broadband connection that enables you to make phone calls using your existing internet connection. It is usually cheaper than the traditional method of making calls and it has more technologically enhanced features. Some of these features are absolutely free as long as you have an internet connection. There are different apps available for both Apple and Android devices. Here are 4 tips that can guide you to find the best VoIP app for your device. You can also visit VoIP solutions for all your VoIP needs.

1. Calls and Texts

Depending on you Apple or Android device, check whether the app you choose can be used to send texts as well as make calls. There times that chatting online comes in handy. You can be in a meeting and still manage to coordinate some other activities without having to keep on interacting the present activity. Some of the apps that you can consider include Google Hangouts and Skype.

2. Video Calling and Teleconferencing

Traditional telephone connections were completely limited in this capacity. VoIP has completely revolutionized how people interact. Video calls are now possible anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. Individuals far away from each other in different continents are now able to converse as if they were in the same room thanks to this technology. When looking for an app for your device, check if that app has the capacity to do video calls. Apps such as Skype are ideal not only for personalized video chats, but also for teleconferencing where people can hold meetings with others while on different locations.

3. Consider the Cost

Most VoIP services are generally free of charge. The only cost you are going to incur is your internet connection. The free services are on condition that you only make calls within the network for instance Skype to Skype calls. If you are going to call normal phone numbers, then most VoIP apps will require you to buy some credit. There are those that allow users to call for free normal numbers but within a particular jurisdiction. With this in mind, ensure you check the costs that will come with the app before putting it into use.

4. Usability, Compatibility and Call Quality

Not all VoIP apps will be compatible with your device. Ensure to check if the app you want can be downloaded in to your device and if your device’s software can run it. Check also the ease of use of your preferred app. You need an app that does not require other extra software or integrations to run properly. Go for the one that you can run with easy controls and settings. Lastly, consider the call as well as the video quality. While these aspects can be determined by the strength of your internet connection, some apps have better call and video quality than others irrespective of the internet strength.

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