42Gears Expands Wearable App Management Horizon

42Gears Mobility Systems, one of the first providers of Wearable Management Solution under its UEM umbrella, has expanded its offering to include support for Application Management for Android-based wearables. Apart from managing apps on devices like Smartphones, tablets and PCs, enterprises can now also manage Android Wear OS apps from 42Gears UEM console.


42Gears Expands Wearable App Management Horizon


With Google updating its smartwatch operating system to Wear OS 2.0+ (previously Android Wear), the wearable OS now offers standalone apps that can connect to the network directly and work independently. The latest Wear 2.0 upgrade is already pushing Android smartwatch adoption in enterprises. Higher adoption rate transcends into some new challenges such as mass deployment of enterprise applications for Wear OS. While Google has introduced a native and independent Play Store for Wear 2.0 devices, administrative framework to allow EMM vendors to perform advanced device management activities, like remotely and silently pushing applications to devices, is still missing.

Coming up with advanced wearable management subsystem, using which admins can do remote installation, updates and uninstallation of Android Wearable apps, without any user intervention is a big achievement, as currently this solution is offered only by 42Gears UEM.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder and CTO, 42Gears, reflected on the importance of wearable app management, “Wear OS 2.0+ was an ambitious project from Google, and considering the difference in phone and watch platforms it is a big breakthrough for us. 42Gears figured the gap in remote wearable app management to promote enterprise adoption of Android smartwatch. Admins can remotely check app versions, package name and install/update/uninstall apps on Android watches from our UEM console.”

About 42Gears

42Gears is a leading Unified Endpoint Management provider, offering SaaS and On-premise solutions to secure, monitor and manage all business endpoints such as tablets, phones, desktops and wearables. 42Gears products support company-owned as well as employee-owned devices built on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms. 42Gears products are used in verticals like healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, education and retail. 42Gears products are trusted by over 7000+ customers in more than 107 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.42gears.com

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