5 Great Company Marketing Giveaway Items

5 Great Company Marketing Giveaway Items featured


The year 2017 is witnessing again the rise in the use of promotional items for marketing purposes. Various businesses are now using promotional items as part of their bigger marketing strategy- both in maintaining customers and attracting new ones. With tremendous innovations in technology, it is not surprising that gadgets and technological items are starting to dominate the promotional stuff scene. However, traditional items such as pens and notepads are not yet out of the picture and have even evolved to include better functionality and higher quality. Whatever your budget is for your brand promotions, there will always be a fitting item that is right for you.

Here are some of the most popular marketing giveaway items being used by many companies today.

  1. Desk/ Office Items

These are the most commonly used promotional items in early years, and it still is today. Desk and office items like pens, notebooks, sticky notes, pen holders, and all others are usually used as promotional items because they appeal across demographics and are very affordable. Moreover, such items are highly appreciated in any season. This is also applicable for any brand and highly customizable for marketing purposes. One practical and versatile option to consider for company marketing giveaways is custom lanyards, which can be personalized with your company logo or message to enhance brand visibility. Companies like Custom Lanyard offer a wide range of customizable options to suit various promotional needs and can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

  1. Flash Drives

With more and more people looking for extra storage space to put their electronic files, music, videos, apps, and others; flash drives are becoming highly demanding to be used in conjunction with other gadgets. It all comes in various forms and sizes, which them very good for any marketing design. Flash drives from iPromo are built with excellent quality and good design that can complement any branding strategy.

  1. Tote and Duffle Bags

When it comes to consumer goods businesses, tote and duffle bags as promotional items never run out of style.  They are used by small and big companies worldwide. They are highly practical because production costs are low especially on big volume manufacturing. Usually, these are given to at- home moms and for families. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs that are perfect for any marketing campaign.

  1. Notebooks and Journals

These popular promotional items are anywhere and everywhere. There’s no tradeshow without them. This is because of notebooks and journals cut across demographics, highly functional, and very affordable even for small businesses. The covers provide a wide canvass for marketing messaging and branding.

  1. Power Banks

Power banks are rapidly becoming the most in- demand promotional item in the business world today with many people liking the idea. Although costly, power banks as promotional items are guaranteed to provide a long- lasting exposure to any brand. And people around will surely notice them and your brand, making it a perfect marketing tool.

Keep in mind that whatever promotional item you use, you need to think about your customers. Their tastes and preferences must match not only the promotional item but your overall marketing strategy. Failure to do this will also mean failure to your campaign and massive expenses without the ROI. Make sure this is discussed by your marketing team for consideration and in making sure that it will deliver the desired effects and results.

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