5 Reasons Why You Should Install LED Lights with Aluminum Housing

LED lights have been a gamechanger in the architecture, interior design, and landscape engineering space. Lighting has grown beyond the practicality of simply providing light as LEDs have introduced us to revolutionized functional artwork. It provides attitude and it creates a bold statement to a structure or space. 

LED lights have provided bypassers, customers, employees, and homeowners an immersive and unique experience, a conversational piece that conveys a showstopping element of awe. It features a designer’s creativity, and the possibilities are limitless. 

What makes all this LED light system great is not only its aesthetic value but its efficiency in comparison to traditional lighting solutions. So in planning for your project, the selection of the right type, color, luminescence, and size of the LED lighting to be used is essential. The process does not end there though as the determination of the LED housing is just as important. 

Let me walk you through the following reasons why you should install your LED lighting system with aluminum housing and why you should consider them in your system design now.


Ensure the longevity of your LED light strip

We all know LED lighting is a green and environmentally friendly solution. It has significantly reduced the annual energy cost consumed by lighting structures and fixtures. LEDs are intended to last long with minimal from maintenance and relamping not required for years. This makes LED lights suitable for demanding environments. 

One challenge though is its need to dissipate heat. The extrusion housing acts as an integrated heat sink that will act as cooling fins for the LED lights. Aluminum is a material that has great thermal conductivity properties that help dissipate heat from the lighting system. 

Its resistance to surface porosity is an advantage over steel as it affects the retention of heat. This integrated cooling effect makes LED lights preserve its lumens output and maximize its longevity. The cooler LED gets, the longer its life and will significantly outperform fluorescent and incandescent light.


Feature a polished and professional finish

Using aluminum channels and diffusers to your LED lighting set-up creates a professional aesthetic. It shows a clean finish and it instantly elevates the look of your indoor or outdoor space, your furniture compartments, your walls and ceilings, and more. Adding them neatly to the lighting system design allows you to showcase a modern feel. 

The diffusers are capable of showing different lighting effects as it diffuses the raw harsh light and creates soft tones and hides the individual spottiness of LED strip lights. The housing can also be anodized and painted over so this allows the strips to blend well with your space.


Hassle-free installation

The aluminum housing typically comes in three mounting varieties: the surface mount, flush or recessed mount, and the 45-degree angle or corner channel mount. These options will provide you ease in fixing and securing your LED strips on different surfaces and in different corner profiles. You can easily cut through them, bend, form, and machine them according to your requirements.

Aluminum extrusions include built-in grooves, screw bosses, and hinges that make it flexible to use. It offers design possibilities that will not limit your creativity. They are also equipped with  3M adhesives on the back so installation is straightforward and easy. LED manufacturers like Elstar offer LED aluminum housing that can be customized according to your needs.


Protection from dirt and elements

With aluminum housings, you can protect your LED strip lights from elements like water and dust that may accumulate over time. This makes your maintenance cost less and guarantees a longer life from your LED lights. The aluminum profiles are also fitted with endcaps in order to protect your LED strip from all corners. 


Achieve complex shapes and lighting effects

Get creative as you tinker with your desired aesthetic style. The diffuser finish can be milky, clear, or frosted and this lighting effect feature will provide you with many flexible design options depending on the look that you’re looking for. Because they are easy to install and aluminum is a flexible material, complex shapes are achievable. LED aluminum profiles provide different extrusion types and shapes that will suit appropriately on different applications from your stairs, windows, and shutters to your cabinets and display counters. 



The aluminum extrusion in the LED lighting fixture industry is growing at a fast steady pace and it is not a mere coincidence. Its flexibility and form to function capabilities are gaining traction on both indoor and outdoor designs. It can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and architectural applications. It is a clean and cost-saving solution that ultimately takes less time and supports a functional artwork that our modern world is evolving into.

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