6 Ways Telemarketing is Changing in the Future

main 6 Ways Telemarketing is Changing in the Future

6 Ways Telemarketing is Changing in the Future

Telemarketing is believed to be dead now, thanks to the age of internet and influencer marketing. Still, this type of marketing has found its stance in the revolving world. Following, we are showing you how it will evolve in the future.  

Good for Customers

In response to such changes to technology and regulatory landscapes, contact centres have changed their ways, and consumers have been the big winners.  Poor revenue on their investments have led companies to stop calling people on their prospect list. Instead, business now follow a proactive approach. This strategy helps businesses create prolific opportunities while building strong relationship with customers.

Convenient, Not Invasive

Today, it’s all about the delivery right experience to current customers. This shift in outbound marketing has made room for brands to move beyond the phone to communicate with customers in any way they want.

Information is the key to telemarketing. If you want to persuade someone to buy from you, you need to give them brief details about your product or service. Techniques have to be less invasive. Most consumers don’t relate these tactics to traditional telemarketing because they understand that there are reasons for interactions.  Almost every telemarketing companies in Melbourne are changing their ways

Evolving Communication Channels

Contact centres changed telemarketing. They introduced several new elements including text messaging, phone calls, emails, and even social media. It helps to improve the customer and company relationship.

Business prefer service-based strategies as they are non-intrusive and easy to pull off. This is a beacon of hope for companies that had sub-par customer service in the past.

The Shift to Helpful Information

Service providers call their customers to update them on how much time the repairs will take, and how much it will cost them. For instance, Airlines use text messaging to update customers for flight delay and changes in gate. Likewise, the Health industry uses email messages to remind people of their appointments, it also helps if anyone wants to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Brands can contact customers directly and update them if their product is back in stock or the service they have been after is available now. Service oriented strategies are efficient and time saving. They deliver results without making you invest too much effort.  This change can help companies improve their customer service. They are beneficial when used as a part of the omnichannel strategy.

Proactive and Profitability

Proactive texts and emails are used in agentless campaigns. They drive revenue as they increase the number of inbound calls.  You can ask the following questions during these calls, for example, changes in billing, price increases, weather conditions or etc.

You have to answer the inquiries proactively, please customers and let the company hedge against the high call volume.

Such communication reduces the waiting time for inbound customer queries. This means customers hear less of typical complains. It improves their experience with you.

Build Relationships

You need to bid farewell to complaints and occurs on building a relationship with your customers. Contact centre transcends the stigma of a complaint department. It becomes a strategic arm of the business, positioned on front lines of customer relationship management.

Text Messages evolved from being simple reminders to allow customers to click a link to receive a phone call if they need to change appointment times and are interested in a particular product and service.

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