6 Ways To Showcase Your Passion For Gaming

Passion for something can’t be explained or taught. You have to see it, feel it, and experience it for yourself to understand. It’s no different for people who love playing games; it can take your life to a whole new level if you let it. The times have changed for gamers worldwide, and now they are more open about showing everyone just how passionate they are about it. So, we’ve come up with 6 great ways for you to showcase that passion to the people around you and the ones you meet online.

Writing Guides

When you love something so much, you want to show everyone just how well you can do it and how others can as well; the same goes for gaming and how our performance and hard work can inspire others. After you’ve become a skillful player at a specific game, discovered a secret in it, or gotten through a level that a lot of other players couldn’t, then this is your time to shine and show everyone how to do it. You’ll  be famous and well-admired in the gaming community because all players look up to the game experts to guide them in different areas, quests, or missions in the game.

Customizing Your Gear and Room

Another way of boasting about your favorite games, and showing everyone how much you’re into it is by showing off the gear that you own. You can showcase using customize computer accessories with interesting patterns and designs. You could even personalize it to make it relate to one of your favorite games. You can do that with your keyboard, mousepad, playmat, headphones, monitors, speakers, and a lot more. Also, it would be great if you start decorating your room to make it look more tasteful and fun. You could use wallpaper with cool designs, or hang some shelves on the wall to put your collectible items and toys. Let your imagination run wild and change your room to the gaming den of your dreams. 


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Start Streaming

You can take your passion for gaming to the next level by starting your own stream channel on any of the reputable streaming sites. You’ll just need to set it all up right: get decent lighting, set the right stage, and have a camera ready. Gaming enthusiasts love watching others play online nowadays, so this is your chance to show everyone just how good you are. You could also  just casually play and chat with your audience, building a community with followers that love your content. It might even turn lucrative for you if they subscribe or donate, making you earn some money from doing something you love.

Post Videos Online

If streaming isn’t your thing or you can’t commit to playing live, then maybe recording different types of videos would suit you better. You can join the vast community of gaming vloggers who post things like  “Let’s Play” videos, informative guides, opinions, or even animated videos if you have the skill for it. You can show everyone worldwide your love for gaming this way. 


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Review Games

You could help others by sharing with them your opinions on specific games; writing reviews can be perfect for letting people know what to expect from any game. Also, it can be a great way to make some money because some companies and websites can pay you for each review, especially if it’s a new game. Just remember to be completely honest: mention all the good parts, the bad parts that you wish weren’t there, and state your opinion on the story and graphics too.

Become a Game Tester

This is probably one of the best jobs ever for gamers; you could be one of the few lucky players that get paid to play new games and check for bugs and performance issues with it during the first phases of alpha testing. You would be one of the first people to see how the game is and play it all you want, and be one of the reasons why the developers could make it better. The best part about it is that you can make some decent money from doing it.


Gaming is something sacred for a lot of people; it’s more than just a fun pastime because you can do so much more with it. Moreover, you could help others with your passion too, making people see just how enjoyable it is. It could be using your gear, your efforts in-game, your helpful tips to others, and even your career if you wish to take it to that level. When you’re passionate about gaming, nothing can stop you.

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