60 Second App Review – GLOW Watchface

For watchface developers it is becoming increasingly hard to come up with a USP to help set their work apart from the crowd. Glow goes down the cusomisation route rather than trying to add additional features. The premise is pretty simple, match your watchface to your outfit. No changing the design of the watch, just the colours.

The design is also a simple affair. A simple digital style with a small dot rotating round as a second hand. The text can be white or black and the font is again, simple. The magic the developer hopes you see is the changeable background. The style of the background stays the same, a gradient from top left to bottom right and the app comes with eight presets that you can use.

The magic part is the first tile in that grid of nine. Rather than usual colour picker Glow lets you select the colours using your phone camera. Take a snap of your outfit for the day and the app will analyse it to pick out a selection of the dominant colours. You then get to pick two to use for your gradient.

Glow is a novel idea and to some extent it works reasonably well. How much play you will get out of it will probably depend on how garishly you dress on a dailly basis. 

The full screen video ads are incredibly anoying, especially a there is no premium/donate option to remove them. 

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