60 Second App Review – Hermit light apps browser 

Play Store link

Price – Free or £4.49 for premium

Ads – No

IAP – Yes to upgrade to premium

Rating 6/10

There has been a bit of a kerfuffle over light of Web apps on Android and the benefit they might have over native apps. The biggest controversy has surrounded Facebook and the huge battery drain  it has caused many people on many devices. The result has been a lot of people switching to one of the many light Web apps available.

Hermit takes this idea and expands on it. Instead of being built for a single app Hermit allows you to easily create light apps for any website. Most of the more popular social, news and a host of other sites have automatic setup but even without creating is simple.

The benefit you get will depend on the sites you use but if you want to try switching to Web apps, Hermit is an easy way in. The free version allows you to create two light apps which you can use without limit or  upgrade for unlimited apps.

While as a free app Hermit is a better alternative to using Chrome or other browser home screen links, at £4.49 for the premium package is a bit expensive in our book. Hermit comes with a slew of customisation options and other benefits but not enough to justify the price tag.



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