60 Second App Review – Navbar Apps

Play Store link

Price – Free

Ads – No

IAP – Yes for full version £0.99

Rating – 4

The app name is slightly misleading here, it’s a single app, not a suite of apps. What it does is allow you customise the navigation bar on your device without resorting to rooting.
The first choice you make is the colour you want your navigation bar to be. You can select it to a single unchanging colour or the colour of the current foreground app you are using. Setting a colour is pretty boring if I am being honest though, so being able to set the backgound to an image is far better. The application comes with sixteen preset backgrounds. If you have purchased the full version you can also use your own images as well. The background can be configured to only show with apps that don’t use a transparent backgound or to show all the time. Image backgounds also allow the colour to show through transparent areas which is a nice touch.

Navbar Apps includes a navigation bar battery widget as well. The widget is in the form of a transparent bar that gets smaller as your battery is used. They also have the promise of a music widget coming soon.
Sadly I found the bar colour to be a little flaky, going transparent fairly often although the image would stay. As a non root theming solution the app has a nice simple UI. How big a market the dev has I’m not sure but it is a fun way to change things up a bit, when it works.



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