60 Second App Review – VOVU

Play Store link

Price – Free

Adds – Yes

IAP – No

Rating 6/10
Puzzle games can be very hit and miss on mobile. Striking the right balance between too simple and seemingly impossible is a hard thing to achieve. When I first opened Vovu my brain struggled to even get the game to play. Normaly puzzle games will walk you through the first couple of levels telling you the basic premise and how to navigate your screen. Vovu offers not such help, although the first few levels are incredibly simple once you work out what you have to do, and how you do it.

It doesn’t take long for Vovu to rank up the difficulty level and what were once simple little networks becomes near mazes. In truth unless the game grips your imagination and reels you in, you will probably stop playing after about 15 levels due to the steep difficulty ramp.

In game adds are full screen but only show their faces once every 5 or 6 levels. The puzzler also offers a ‘night’ mode if the colours are not to your liking. Sadly there is no Play Games integration.  If you like your puzzle games harder than usual, Vovu is worth having a look at.



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