7 Best Screen Recorders for Mac

office 7 Best Screen Recorders for Mac

Why would you need a screen recorder? Most of the time, it is used for recording your gameplay. But other than that, video screen records can come in handy for various occasions. With the overwhelming variety of apps and extensions out there, it might be time-consuming to check each one, compare them, and then install.

We have just made your job easier and saved you some time. Here is a list of top screen-recording software mac for 2021. You can compare the best ones at a place and download the suitable one for your Macbook.

Top Video Screen Capture Mac

We have hand-picked the top beginner-friendly and professional screen recorders.

1.     Movavi Screen Recorder

Undoubtedly, Movavi offers some of the best features and an easy-to-use interface and tools. Movavi is beginner-friendly and professional at the same time. Movavi is light and won’t take up much space on your Macbook and yet, records HD and 4k videos.

Movavi has a capturing speed of 60 fps and adjusts resolution. Movavi lets you record from mic, webcam, and system audio. The editing tools are simple to use and enable you to cut and join videos easily. You don’t need any additional hardware for recording screen audio. Connect a mic or headset to input audio. It is beneficial for gamers, as the floating window that appears during games lets you take screenshots. It supports a webcam, and you can add it to your recording.

You can schedule recordings too. With Movavi, you can upload the edited clips on Google Drive, YouTube, or Movavi Cloud.

It is indeed one of the most affordable screen recorders out there and works smoothly with Mac. And this makes it one of the best video screen captures for Mac.

2.     QuickTime

QuickTime is produced by Mac and is a multimedia outline that can capture screen videos and pictures. As it is inbuilt in the Mac devices, it is quite easy to use and somewhat hassle-free. All you have to do is open the QuickTime Menu and hit the ‘start recording’ option. The video recording options are very similar to music players or your phone’s video recorder. QuickTime’s controls are minimal and easy-to-use.

The small interface might appeal to many users. A flip side to this is that it offers a limited number of recordings and editing tools. You will get a bunch of essentials like trimming and splitting. If you want to convert the video to any format other than MOV, you will need a converter.

3.     OBS

OBS is your go-to software to capture video. The user-interface may not be attractive. But the features really compensate for the looks. OBS lets you use those premium features which are typically paid. The flip side to this is that it will take you some time to get the hang of the software.

Once you learn to use it, you realize that it has a lot of features for audio and video. With OBS, you can choose what to capture – full screen, a specific region, or a window. The tools let you fine-tune everything and give you greater control.

Open Broadcaster Software is absolutely free to use. The professional software delivers professional results. So, it is worth spending some time learning it. You can also use it as a broadcast medium for live streaming. It supports a plethora of plug-ins, making it one of the best video recording software for Mac.

4.     Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best video screen captures for Mac. The software is apt for making tutorial videos, lessons, YouTube videos, and more. It lets you record presentations and webcams too. It also sports an audio library. The interface is like a studio that lends it a professional look. Cutting, mixing, editing is quite smooth. The outcome is a pro-level video!

Camtasia has an abundant array of visual effects to choose from. The ‘Green Screen’ mode is a unique offering on their platter. You can turn a short video into a GIF with just a tap. The software has a ‘favorites’ section that lets you store all your frequently used elements so you can access them quickly later. Camtasia is loaded with elements like annotations, stickers, transitions, and other effects.

TechSmith Fuse is like a sister app that you can use to import pictures and media files directly to Camtasia.

5.     ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow can be considered to be Camtasia’s competitor and even has some features that Camtasia does not. With ScreenFlow, you can expect your video recordings to come out looking professional.

The user interface is easy and beginner-friendly. It is less demanding than Camtasia. You will find that it has all the pro tools, but they are easily manageable. If you are into aesthetics, then ScreenFlow will surely please your eye.

With ScreenFlow, you can capture videos from Macbook or connected iPhone and other Apple devices. You can import videos and other media files and also input audio from the mic and webcams. For capturing retina display, it offers a rapid bitrate of 30 fps. It has an inbuilt stock of images, and the library keeps growing.

Another remarkable feature is the multi-track timeline that makes it easy to experiment with visual manipulation. And then there is Motion Control which allows you to zoom on any part of the screen. It has tons of animations, texts, transitions, and more. You can upload your video to Vimeo. YouTube, and other mediums.

6.     Capto

Capto is another easy-to-use software that lets you record your screen, take screenshots, edit your videos and share them. This is a great tool for beginners. Anybody with a basic understanding of video recording and editing can use it well.

With Capto, you can easily create those ‘how to’ videos. This makes it perfect for teachers, lecturers, and presenters to deliver. The cursor effects, texts, and arrows make it easier to point out things on a screen. You can share the entire screen or choose a specific region. The software supports up to 60 FPS.  You can share your media files with a click on Facebook, YouTube, and other mediums. It saves the recordings in a sleek and organized manner, making it easy to filter and find files.

7.     ApowerRec

Lastly, ApowerRec (Apowersoft) is one of the best screen recorders, Mac. You will quickly learn how to use it without having to put much effort. It is simple to customize it according to your requirements. The tools are professional and yet easy to use. ApowerRec can be effective in creating instructional videos, demos, tutorials, and much more.

You can capture the entire screen or just record a specific region of it. ApowerRec has a feature that keeps your video in sync with the audio. It supports the webcam very well and lets you grab the screen easily.

ApowerRec also enables the user to edit screen recording in real-time. This means you can record and edit at the same time. Additionally, you can save your video in MP4, MOV, AVI, and numerous other formats. And a strong plus point is that ApowerRec is functional on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, which lends it substantial flexibility.

These are the best video captures for Mac. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can go for any of the screen recorders. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend going for simpler tools for starters.

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