7 Major Facts about Online Slot Machines

7 Major Facts about Online Slot Machines


The Slot is the all-time favourite casino game for almost all of the gamblers. It is beloved worldwide and is enjoyed more than any other casino game.


Also, with the revolution of the internet industry, it gave birth to several other comforts to people all over the world. One of the contentment among them are the online casinos. Now, you can relish your favourite slot sitting comfortably at your place. You just need a computer and a good speed internet connection, and this is surely not a big deal in today’s era.

Furthermore, the casinos on the web that offer these fantastic games are not restricted up to limited currencies, but there are various currencies supported by them. There is also the provision of taking pleasure in gambling with digital currencies. This includes bitcoin, ethereum, dash and so on. You can find the best bitcoin casinos at  https://bitcoincasinosonly.com/ and perceive all the information.

Whether it is a fruit-based, adventure-based or video-based, there are hundreds of gambling machines to relish on the internet. Of course, out of these numerous ones, you can easily find one of your choices without any hitch. Here are the facts about online slot machines:


Fact 1: First Online Slot Machine

Even before the launch of online casinos (1994), Microgaming has launched the first ever fully functional slot for gaming on the web in mid-1990’s. This gambling machine was associated with another security software. This was an efficient software developed by CryptoLogic.

It comprises three reels and one payline, and such fruit machines are known as classic slots.  It was the slot with not so attractive interface and sound; however, it was just the beginning of slots in the world of internet. But, the classic slots are still likeable by many elders and could be relished on various stream casinos today also.


Fact 2: Playing on the Web or Land-based Doesn’t Affect Your Wins

There is not much difference between the land-based gambling machines or ones from the web. The payouts of both of these are generated at random. The difference is just as the land-based are played on machines which are mechanical or possess microprocessors while the on-stream slots are software based games that are relished using computer, tablet or mobile.


Fact 3: No Strategy to Win

When it comes to winning strategy, then, unfortunately, there are none. These are entirely luck based games that may or may not generate the winning pattern. These are embedded with Random Number Generator. This is the software that is programmed to imitate the symbol on the separate reel randomly. Thus, the probability of winning for every spin is same whether it is the 1st or the 50th spin.


Fact 4: Difference in RTP

There is a big difference in RTP of online slots and brick and mortar casinos. For the latter, the average RTP is 85% while for the former one, it is 96%. There is almost the difference of 11% which is quite significant. If you consider this in sterling pounds then, for every £100, players can expect to win £96 with online slots while for the land-based ones, it is just £80-£85 that could be foreseen.

This difference arises due to the maintenance required for the land-based gambling machines that are too high.


Fact 5: Highest Win

The highest jackpot payout in an online slot machine is won by Jon Heywood, UK. He won £13,209,300 by playing Microgaming slot Mega Moolah at Betway Casino on Oct. 06, 2015. J Heywood is a British soldier whose name has been published in Guinness World Records.


Fact 6: 70% Revenue is Generated by Online Slot Machines

Being one of the favourite casino games, slots are played and relished worldwide. For the same reason, the casinos clean up or make the most profit with these fruit machines. Thus, they can be not only fruitful to players but also to the casino owners. They earn around 70% of revenue from these games every year. It could be said that the slots are the backbone of the casinos. This is the reason along with its popularity that you find plenty of these on an online casino than any other game.


Fact 7: Differently Named at Different Countries

These are being crowd-pleasing all over the world, but it is known with different names in various countries. It is known as Pokies or Poker Machines in Australia and New Zealand. In Japan, they are known as Pachislo or Pachisuro. They are called as Fruit Machine in the UK and Puggy in Scotland. While in Canada and America, they are named as the slots only.


Last Words

The traditional slot machines which are also known as one-armed bandit due to a lever on one side. This may not be present in the slots on the web, but they definitely provide you as thrilling fun as the land-based ones. While you’re here, check out bonus bez depozytu



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