9 Hottest Tech Accessories to Acquire as a Student

9 Hottest Tech Accessories to Acquire as a Student featured

You can sum up a typical college student’s life as hectic. Between classes, group meetings, assignments, and tests, there’s little room for rest or social life. If you don’t have the skills and tools to create a balance and make everything work, you’re likely on a path towards burnout. Luckily, the emergence of fast-evolving technologies may offer the solutions you need to navigate student life.

While most people view today’s tech accessories as luxuries or distractions, you can use them to add convenience to your life. Here are ten tech accessories, apart from a smartphone and computer, you should definitely buy to improve your student life.


Smartwatches can be very useful to students too. For one, they can replace smartphones in the classroom, which are often frowned upon or even restricted. Most smartwatches can do most functions smartphones do. 

You can check important emails/messages, look up notifications, and even schedule assignments/events on a smartwatch without being too distracted. Outside class, you can use your smartwatch to plan and keep up with various activities and time yourself when studying.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones


9 Hottest Tech Accessories to Acquire as a Student #1

How can I do my statistics homework in a noisy dorm room? It can be pretty hard to study anywhere noisy if you get distracted easily. However, thanks to the invention of noise-canceling headphones, you can study in noisy cafes, classrooms, or even a shared dorm room. The headphones can turn a concert-like atmosphere to pin-drop silence in an instant.

Instant Camera

Another gadget you should grab to make your college life much more enjoyable is an instant/ polaroid camera. Though polaroid cameras are synonymous in the 80s and 90s, they’ve started making a comeback, and younger generations are loving them. Unlike digital cameras and smartphones, this camera actually documents your favorite moments in mementos. Thanks to technology, you can get these cameras in smaller sizes and nice designs/ colors.

Charging Backpack

As a student, you likely carry at least two devices with you everywhere you go. So, you know how upsetting it is to have your device dying on you in the middle of the day. The solution is a simple as upgrading to a charging backpack. A charging backpack essentially has a charge station inside to power up your tablet or phone batteries anywhere.

Portable/ Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Are you tired of carrying your laptop to all your classes for notetaking? Acquire a foldable keyboard that you can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet. These keyboards are super-light and easy to pack, thereby making notetaking a lot easier. You can later transfer your notes onto your computer and organize them as you like. For that tiresome assignment, however, domyhomeworkfor.me might offer a better solution.

Phone Charging Case

A smartphone is arguably the essential device for a student. You can receive important notifications, schedule your day, communicate with your professors, etc. A phone battery charging case can help keep your phone on long after your battery power is depleted. Most charging cases are sleek and can replace a charging backpack on days you’re not carrying multiple devices.



9 Hottest Tech Accessories to Acquire as a Student #2

Smartpens are among the most innovative technologies available as it takes traditional notetaking to a whole new level. Smartpens can record not just words but also capture pictures and audio using an in-built camera and microphone. These features make these pens great for people with dyslexia and other learning disorders. So, you don’t need to note everything down, as you can always playback what was taught when reviewing your notes.

Smart Notebook

If you are not looking forward to typing your handwritten notes to turn them into digital form, a smart notebook might help. Everything you write in your notebook can be easily uploaded on the cloud or sent to your smart devices. Smart notebooks are also reusable, which means you won’t need to replace them as you would a regular notebook.

Laptop Lap Desk

As a student, you’ve likely used your laptop while on the couch or lying on your bed. Spending several hours on your laptop studying or doing assignments in uncomfortable positions can lead to back, shoulder, or neck pains. If you have a laptop, invest in a portable lap desk that you can adjust to increase comfort and avoid pain. You can find a good laptop lap desk/tray with cooling features to keep your computer working optimally.


You can add numerous tech accessories to your life to make learning and general student life better. These nine are just a few of the best suggestions. Most of these accessories are reasonably priced for a college student’s budget and relatively easy to purchase online.

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