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Review: Sengled Pulse Smartbulbs

In our latest Lifestyle Accessory review, we take a look at the Sengled Pulse Smartbulbs In the age of the Internet of Things, everything is connected to make our devices smarter, better and maybe more cost efficient. Smartbulbs have been round for a few years now and we’ve reviewed the best here on DroidHorizon. In this particular piece, we’re taking a look at the Sengled Pulse duo pa...[Read More]

Review: iLumi Smartbulbs

Review: iLumi Smartbulbs Smart items are a fantastic way to save energy, keep a close eye on things and to generally look cool in the process. I have always looked into Smartbulbs and was excited to receive two from iLumi. As with most of these kind of products, the hardware is only as good as the software, iLumi have come far, but I feel there is still room to grow. The bulbs are solid, but the s...[Read More]

WiZ Announces Lifestyle Smart Lights Feature with New Scheduled Presets at CES 2018

Add even greater utility, while enhancing health and wellbeing, with up to five automatic and adjustable lighting modes based on time of day, location and more   WiZ Connected Light, the leading innovator of smart lighting technology, today announced a new Scheduled Presets function. It enables your smart lights to know your regular activity level throughout the day and night, automatically p...[Read More]



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Review: WiZ Smart Lighting Solutions

The Internet of Things is all the rage at the moment as more and more gadgets are connecting to our home WiFi network, allowing them to offer “smart” features such as remote / voice control and automation. WiZ offer a range of high-tech LED lighting solutions and we got the chance to evaluate three of their main products – their Hero and Quest lamps and Colors smart bulbs. Instal...[Read More]



Beddi the Smart Alarm Clock from Witti Design Review

Beddi the Smart Alarm Clock from Witti Design Review   Isn’t an alarm clock an app? No my millennial readers, it used to be a device people would buy to wake them up. Everyone uses their phone for an alarm now, unless you’re my dad who still uses a stick in the ground and the sun. But Witti are here to bring back the alarm clock in a big way with Beddi. This device will work with ...[Read More]



Flic The Wireless Smart Button That Can Do A Lot Review

Flic The Wireless Smart Button That Can Do A Lot Review Shortcut Labs are a startup trying to make a wave in this saturated Internet of Everything market. They are doing this with Flic, their smartly designed button, adding a lot of functionality to your daily life. In a world of apps for everything, I was a bit confused as to why I was looking at a physical button. But over time and with some con...[Read More]

Review: LIFX Colour 1000 Smart Lightbulb

Review: LIFX Colour 1000 Smart Lightbulb The Internet of Things is a freight train which isn’t gonna stop. If you don’t have a household object connected to your phone, then you are just not a cool dude. LIFX are more than aware of this lifestyle choice, and have released their Colour 1000 variant of their LIFX smartbulb. Not only is it a good looking light, its also compatible with Ne...[Read More]

Review: The Bluetooth smart bulb from Revogi

Review: The Bluetooth smart bulb from Revogi This is my first experience with a smart bulb. Revogi were more then happy to send me across their smart Bluetooth bulb for me to try out. The bulb can fit into any standard socket, and once paired with their app, I can control up to 10 smart bulbs from my phone at the same time. The app allows me to control the standard functionality such as simply tur...[Read More]



Review: Checking out the Beddit, Bolt and Shine from Misfit

Review: Checking out the Beddit, Bolt and Shine from Misfit I hadn’t heard of Misfit before, but was excited when a mystery parcel arrived with their logo on. Inside was their sleeping aid the Misfit Beddit, their smart bulb the Misfit Bolt and their activity tracker the Misfit Shine. I have been checking them all out and found them to all be quite solid and even better the apps for the prod...[Read More]



Review: PLAYBULB Candle

Review: PLAYBULB Candle     I am used to smart bulbs, but this is the first smart candle I have reviewed. The Playbulb Candle is meant to recreate the look and smell of a candle, but without out all the fire and wax. This is made out of a low wattage LED that is capable of a wide range of colours. But instead of going into a light socket, it is a portable candle, so is powered by 3 AA ba...[Read More]

Hive Black Friday Deals

Ahead of our favourite shopping holiday, Black Friday, smart home company Hive shares its best Black Friday deals. We’ve outlined all the deals that are available below and key highlights include: 25% off Hive Active Heating plus a free Amazon Echo Dot 30% off the Hive View indoor and outdoor cameras when you subscribe to Hive Video Playback membership Up to 25% off home automation products includ...[Read More]

Lightwave Home Automation Review

Lightwave Home Automation Review Lightwave specialize in home automation. Their products aren’t based on the “If this happens do this”, but more on the ability to fully control your home from a mobile device. The products offered by Lightwave fall into 3 main categories: Lighting Power Heating All of these elements are controlled through the brains of the operation the Lightwave Link Plus. The Lin...[Read More]