First impressions of the Vector Watch

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First impressions of the Vector Watch

Smartwatches are becoming a big part of people’s lives, with many adopting the technology to help get fit, or look cool. Vector Watch the London based company, have the taken the idea of the smartwatch and added a huge dose of class. Instead of being a gadget to be shown off, it melts into the life of the user. Instead of having a heart rate monitor, or having a constant step counter,  the Vector Watch concentrates on battery life. This battery life spans almost a month.

Vector Watch sent me one their black Luna watch. I’ve been using the watch for a month and I didn’t end up missing Android wear which is what I thought would happen. The black of the watch along with the silicon strap, I didn’t have a single fingerprint issue. The whole look worked really well and looked badass too.

I was expecting the battery life to be reasonable, as with most bluetooth devices I have used. But their implementation of Bluetooth LE works really well. I found the watch can be on for around 25 – 30 days, this is without any need to charge it. So perfect for anyone who finds charging their watch twice a day an annoyance. The charger is magnetic and is built just for the watch, so if you wanted to charge in two places, you’d need to buy another one. I was happy to see you can pick one up for only £19, which isn’t too bad.

The Vector app was a big surprise, as I have found this is where a lot of people fail at. The app is slick and follows the cool black look of the watch. The setup was easy involving turning on bluetooth and searching for the watch on the app. The app is definitely aimed at productivity as opposed to anything else. Things like stock updates, step counter and weather, which all display on the watch face. This feels more like an addition to a watch, as opposed to a whole new experience. Apps like alarm work as advertised, and are incredibly simple to setup.

This is a first impression of the watch, and will evolve through the year. The distinction is not to compare it to an android device, as they are two different devices entirely, with different aims.  The watch will set you back around £249.99 on Amazon. This is a business mans watch, a person who wants to look and see a calendar appointment.



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