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As a person who constantly looks at items and products from a reviewers point of view, it’s not very often you get to review an app market.
Amazon have recently opened up the doors to their underground app store, and if I was completely honest it sounds like some sort of application black market of shady under the table deals.


In actuality it’s an app store with no in app purchases, that’s right folks the dreaded IAP’s are gone from apps in the underground, what Amazon have done is speak to developers and suggested that Amazon will pay the developers depending on how much the app or game is used providing the in app purchases are removed.
How long this will remain to be seen, I don’t know what the ratio of Android to Kindle is but I’m pretty sure Android wins not that it should matter as both the Amazon app store and Underground are available on Android devices.




Above : Amazon Underground Sonic Dash


Above : Google Play Store Sonic Dash

Here’s what Amazon said to developers..

“Generate Revenue from Every Customer
With Amazon Underground, you will make money from 100% of your users. Amazon will pay you for every minute spent in your Amazon Underground app by every user.

Increase Your User Base
Amazon Underground will help attract more users to your app with Actually Free content.

Focus on Building Great User Experiences
Amazon Underground lets you focus less on monetizing and more on creating great user experiences.

Start Earning Right Away
Most paid or IAP Android apps will work with Amazon Underground. From within the developer portal, you will need only to check a box to enable Amazon Underground.”

Personally I see this a step in the right direction for mobile app and game use, no body truly likes freemium games and the dreaded risk of children clocking up hundreds of pounds in gem debt for a game they are only playing for 3 weeks.

You can check it out using the link below and decide for yourself, truly free mobile gaming or the standard we’ve come to live with? let us know what your thoughts are


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