American Originals Cake Pop Maker and Snow Cone Maker Review

American Originals Cake Pop Maker and Snow Cone Maker Review

The metallic red body of a kitchen utensil normally means that American Originals are here! Today we are looking at their Snow Cone maker and Cake Pop maker. The Snow Cone maker has been great for summer, and the cake pop maker will be excellent for those cold months.

American Originals Cake Pop Maker

I am a fan of tasty treats, so I thought this cake pop maker would be ideal. Simply plug it in and you can fill the spaces with any cake batter and then close the lid. Then after cooking, I can open it up and have freshly cooked cake balls.

The handle on the Cake Pop Maker is cool touch, which allows me to safely open the lid to check the cake pops during cooking or even to remove them when cooked. This means no oven gloves are needed.

I really loved that the plates are non-stick, this means no need for butter or oil, and I can release the cake pops without them tearing or crumbling. This also makes the whole thing an absolute breeze to clean.

This has twelve spaces, allowing to make twelve cake pops.  The speed of this thing is amazing, I can cook twelve cake pops in only 5 mins and they are ready to go. There is also an included recipe  book which helps you make the cake pops.

You can grab it for only £39.99, which is an excellent price.

American Originals Snow Cone Maker

With it being such a hot Summer, I was always after a slushy, and now I can have on everyday.  The Snow Cone Maker is filled with ice, and then turned on to crush and pour the ice into the included paper cups.

The snow cone maker comes packed with 20 colourful paper cups, which means you can start making snow cones as soon as you open the box. I really liked that it came with a transparent cover, it meant I could watch the snow cone maker in action and see the ice being crushed.

It can make a snow cone in around 20 seconds, this is all thanks to the 80w motor on board.

You can grab it for only £38.49.

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