App Permissions & Fake Apps

App Permissions & Fake Apps

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A friend of the site contacted me yesterday regarding some fake games and applications he found on Google Play. After looking for myself, I found them to be blatant copies of original titles with some very very strange App Permissions. I’m going to share the proper game then the fake. I’ll not provide any links for our readers to download, just in-case.



Diversion real

This is the original game with only a few app permissions, which are justifiable, in my opinion. From the legitimate developer, with proper reviews and pluses.

Diversion fake

I’ve highlighted the obvious differences and this was only the last few. A list of other permissions are also present for who knows what reason. The game wants to read your accounts and sensitive logs!!! Alarm bells are ringing!!


The story here is be careful

If you find anything unusual on Goggle Play tell your friends, share on social streams, tag us and we’ll re-share. Report using the tools Google provide. Use the community to help each other…



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