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I write a couple things every now and then. I'm glad to have my small corner. My posts will consist of reviews, current news from the Android/Google/Tech world, and maybe my thoughts on a subject for you to agree or disagree. Enjoy!

TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger – Review

More and more devices are being developed with wireless charging capabilities, so to be able to set your device down on a pad on your desk seems like a no-brainer. Then again, plugging that Micro USB into your phone is fairly painless as-is, right? Well, seemingly, assuming you have the connector turned the right way in the first place. Research says 80% of the time a Micro USB is plugged in the w...[Read More]

MightyText Adds Photo & Video Syncing for your Android Device

If you know any thing about anything, and specifically I mean anything about Android, you’ll know there are an infinite number of applications that will let you sync your photos and videos to the cloud. I guess you can’t have to many backups of backups of backups, ‘eh? Well, MightyText the service that allows you to send and receive text and mms from your Chrome browser or Androi...[Read More]

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself [Review]

Sure, not everyone is keen on zombies. They’re disgusting, re-animated virus controlled, flesh eating human corpse’s. I’d never say I’d love to be one, and they’re just not something any sane person would look up to. I will, although, not hide the fact that if zombies choose to ‘come at me bro’, I will be slicing and dicing, and probably with a smile on my...[Read More]

[UPDATED] Chrome for Android

Chrome, my favorite Android browser and probably yours has been updated today. See the cut/paste of the change log below. Then head on over to the Play Store and update your copy. What’s in this version: Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include improved text font clarity and stability fixes in addition to: 1. Improved scrolling performance 2. Increased responsiveness to pinch-zo...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Leather Wallet Case Review

I may not have many leather bound books like Ron Burgundy, but I do have a leather bound book style wallet case for my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Here are a few of the specifics of this wallet case. Contains 2 credit card slots. Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs, for ease of use. White stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful. The PDair branded...[Read More]

[Updated] SwiftKey Flow Beta for Phone and Tablet v4.0.0.99

If you’ve been surfing the internet and browsing the social platforms within the last day or so as I have, you probably have already heard that the SwiftKey Flow Beta has been updated again. Well, this morning I woke up to an email from the SwiftKey team, as probably many of you did. Since I didn’t take the time to search out and review the change log yesterday, SwiftKey was kind enoug...[Read More]

[Review] GtalkShare, Share links with your Gtalk Contacts

Here’s an app that I read about in a share from Neil Lund, Android guy and active Google+ user. It’s called GtalkShare. Android developer 360Dev noticed, as did myself and probably an overwhelming number of Android users that something was missing from the native Google instant messaging app, Gtalk. This missing gem would be the ability to share information from your mobile browser and 3rd party a...[Read More]

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Updated Software [L700GA02]

Looks like Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners are in for a treat. Today, in the Sprint community forums a post showed up from one of the admins stating that 4.2.1 is now being rolled out to all Galaxy Nexus devices! Rejoice Sprint customers, you’re now going to be set up with the latest flavor of Jelly Bean. So keep watching that notification bar, or update manually through settings. Unfortunately f...[Read More]

RedBox Instant by Verizon, Quick Review

I’m going to try and give our readers just a little insight as to what you can expect from this new service. At first announcement I was excited to find out what RedBox Instant by Verizon really had to offer. Could it compete with our favorite streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Instant, or Hulu Plus? Two of those which I currently use by the way. The $8 service includes streaming either a l...[Read More]

Experience with Zappos Android App and Customer Service

This is not a brand new Android app, but it is a new app to me. Actually this quick post will be a mix of the Zappos Android app and their customer service. So basically what you will be reading is a recap of my Zappos purchasing experience. Recently I was searching for new pair of kicks. Puma’s to be exact.  Of course I found plenty from all over, Amazon, Ebay, etc. I just was not satisfied in te...[Read More]

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