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Google Android system options – What is available

There is little doubt that those manufacturing smartphones have few choices, especially when you consider that the larger base of mobile smartphone users prefer Android. Currently, they are able to take advantage of free services, but consideration needs to be taken should Google chose to no longer offer services for free. Therefore, it is important to look at alternatives to Google, such as Sailf...[Read More]

Google set to increase volume of ads on smartphones

In a recent press release, Google announced that it would begin implementation of ads to its mobile products. The ads will include some that will interrupt its search and discovery experiences, both of which are core Google products. Searches on Google via its mobile products will begin to display “gallery” ads that will allow advertisers the ability to display numerous images that users are able ...[Read More]

Just for Fun- Three Popular Themed Online Games

Just for Fun- Three Popular Themed Online Games   It’s the dawn of a new age. You have just entered an entire new world that is waiting to be explored. The basic rules of life that you’ve known all along, like gravity and temperature, no longer apply to where you are. You’re now in an entirely different place that is all yours, full of options and imagination. Finding yourself in ...[Read More]

Google returns to funding cold-fusion experiments

Google, since 2015, has been involved in the funding of cold fusion experiments, a controversial science that involves the theory whereby the process used to power the sun, nuclear fusion, can produce energy at room temperature. The initial claim about cold fusion was made by two scientists nearly thirty years ago. They promised it could create an endless supply of energy however, the results of t...[Read More]

Google expecting to make big money off maps for your phone

Google, as the most profitable internet company in the world, did so through search advertising, and they now are moving towards another revenue source through its popular Google Maps. Google Maps has, for many, become indispensable to the 1 billion plus who use it daily while travelling locally to locate a particular destination, restaurant or entertainment venue. The service is now fourteen year...[Read More]

Shopping apps on Android that help you find exactly what you need

Shopping online is quite simple nowadays, and people rather prefer to place an order from the comfort of their homes than to visit a local store. Brick and mortar stores are fun, but people prefer to search for stuff online because it’s more convenient. Online shopping comes with the advantage that it offers more options than your local shopping centre, all famous brands have apps you can download...[Read More]


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Canon LiDE220 Scanner Review

● Introduction to the Canon LiDE220   The Canon LiDE220 is an ideal scanner for today’s artists, publishers and media managers. This computer peripheral allows you to enjoy high quality scans of documents and images as well. It is especially developed for artists. The Canon LiDE220 scanner implements high quality pixel management so as to deliver true to life scanning capability. By using this sca...[Read More]

Mobile Casinos – The Best Way to Play Casino Anywhere

Today mobile phones can be used for almost anything. Whether you want to make a bank transfer, buy things or enjoy gambling, this little device comes in handy. Anyone from any part of the world can now enjoy the best casino games right at the comfort of their homes and workplace. With your smartphone, you can rake in amazing rewards from websites like JackMobileCasinos. You can make the deposit by...[Read More]

Luxury watches: How to choose the right one

Design and innovation: these are two characteristics that must distinguish luxury watches. But how can we choose the one that best fits our personality? Luxury watches are valuable accessories not only because they are expensive, but because they are carefully crafted and require years of experimentation, as well as the right engineering and craft work. They are products that are made in their fin...[Read More]

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Marketing isn’t that hard, and the more comfortable you are with an efficient tool, the more effective your marketing efforts are likely to become. There are a lot of social media monitoring tools in the market. These range from the more affordable or free to those that are quite costly. We’ve picked out a few here. We mention and unpack them to highlight the value of social lis...[Read More]

Best Kids Microphone For Children who Love to Sing

Kids are passionate about singing. So, it will be only fair to get your little ones a microphone. Choosing the right microphone for your child may be challenging. All the same, these machines make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts. Singing has also been proved to be good for the brain. There is also evidence proving that singing improves social and linguistic skills. The devices make great pla...[Read More]

Should College Students Use Apps to Do Their Homework?

College homework may include math problems, writing assignments, or questions in assignments like history and math. When students are juggling college with work and a social life, however, it becomes more difficult to finish everything. A good alternative is using apps. However, are these a good choice for students trying to do homework? Let’s find out.   Apps Can Be Used for Learning   ...[Read More]