Pete Wilson

Review: FreSOUND NFC Bluetooth Stereo Music Headset and Music Steamer

Review: FreSOUND NFC Bluetooth Stereo Music Headset and Music Steamer Great in the bedroom…Well that’s where mine has ended up! Sure you can use these as headphones while cleaning up round the house but the chances are you will have your phone in one’s pocket as you clean from room to room, so really normal headphones would do just fine. The headphones that come in the box are no...[Read More]

Review: GRDE Bluetooth Headset

Review: HV 900 Bluetooth Headset WOW! Any time in the past that I have thought about buying a set of bluetooth headphones I have always found them a bit on the  “I don’t want to spend that much on them” side.  You won’t have that problem with the HV 900’s at $24.99 and free shipping, these are a jolly bargain! Plus, we will give you a discount code at the end of the r...[Read More]

Review: Easy Acc 4 port charger

Review: Easy Acc 4 port charger This little device has been rather handy! Let’s face it we have an ever growing number things that need charged, I counted 6 devices of my own! With it’s 4 ports it has certainly made life easier in the Wilson household. Two of the ports they call ‘super ports’ these detect the device that you have connected and gives it the fastest charge it...[Read More]

Top 5 Radio Streaming Apps

  Let me start by saying that I personally feel radio is not something I use much day to day Its far too easy just to have the music you want to hear on a device and stream it to your handy bluetooth device. But what if you want to keep up to date with news, maybe find new music or maybe you just like a bit of banter between songs? Then you will have to listen to good old radio. Sure you can ...[Read More]