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Ryan is married with two kids, and loves heavy metal and super hot Buffalo wings



Review: CRC Life’s outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  CRDC Life sells a variety of Products on Amazon. They recently shipped me a Bluetooth speaker to test out. It’s designed to function in outdoor scenarios, and it purports to be dust resistant (which I can’t test), and it is encased in a soft plastic/rubbery exterior. The handset is accompanied by an auxiliary jack, and a charging cable  Let’s see how it performed for me.   As I...[Read More]



Review: Kinzd’s bi/tri-fold leather wallet

  Sent to me by Kinzd, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out another of their leather wallets. Whereas the ealier ones that I tried were on the slim/lean side of things, this one is appreciably larger.It is a bi-fold on the outside, but with another interior flap, giving this one a lot more space for those of us with lots of bank and rewards cards to mange. It claims to withstand wireless scan...[Read More]



Review: Elastic and Leather Wallets from Kinzd

  Kinzd is a website that specializes in selling leather accessories, specifically wallets and card holders. There are several that they offer, and they were kind enough to sent me a couple of them to try out. On the whole, they performed well. Here’s how my last few weeks of usage has gone with them:   There were a total of three different wallets, though in the third case, it would be a lo...[Read More]



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Review: Syllable earbuds

For the last several days, I have been trying out a set of ear bud headphones from Syllable. They claim to have dynamic sounds that balances the high, mid, and low ends of audio, predicated on each bud apparently having two speakers within. Let’s see how things panned out in actual use. The earbuds I were sent were brown colored in wire, with a gray, brushed “metal” appearance to...[Read More]

Review: SmartOmni’s Optimus Bluetooth bike speaker

Released by SmartOmni, the Optimus is a wireless, Bluetooth speaker that is designed around the idea of that it can be fastened to a bike.  It comes with a SIZEABLE battery that delivers as promised. It also comes with other good ideas, that don’t seem to pan out. The appearance of this speaker is nice. It’s shaped like a cylinder, and it is several inches long, with an industrial appe...[Read More]



Review: iClever’s two in one Bluetooth transmitter/receiver

  iClever has a bluetooth adapter available, for use with mobile devices. It’s a small, quite pocketable device, where users are able to plug in headphones or speakers to work wirelessly, that wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The device can either transmit or receive, and has a built in battery as well.   The device is a small, triangular unit with a couple of buttons, ports, and a micro...[Read More]



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Review: EC Tech’s noise cancelling bluetooth sport earbuds

  Phone accessory dealer EC Technology has another set of bluetooth earbuds for sale.They’re sport oriented in their design, and are supposed to be noise cancelling. I found their performance to be mixed, so read on to see where they succeed, and where they seem to fall short.   The design of the headphones are sporty, both in how they fit, as well as how they appear. The ones that I receive...[Read More]



Review: iClever’s tri-folding bluetooth keyboard, with touchpad

  iClever is a dealer in mobile and bluetooth accessories. Their range of products covers USB cables, chargers, speakers, and so on. I’ve been reviewing one of their mobile keyboards, and found this one to be the proverbial “mixed bag”.   The keyboard is has two hinges, each about halfway between the center and the periphery, which enables users to close the far ends over the mid...[Read More]



Review: aLLreLi’s F5 bluetooth earphones

  Over the last few days, I’ve had the pleasure to try out a pair of bluetooth earphones from aLLreLi. There’s a couple of different ways in which this is different from most of the others that I’ve tried before. Fortunately for them, they are improvements in just about every way.   These headphones sit over the ear. aLLreLi uses a siple color scheme, of black and chrome, using p...[Read More]

Review: aLLreLi’s four port travel charger

  Released by  aLLreLi, I’ve had the pleasure to try out a wall charger of their this week. It’s designed for travellers, as it now only includes several types of attachments for a variety of wall outlets, but they can be swapped out with little difficulty. Frankly, this is the kind of outlet that is useful to have around for the times when travelling, especially internationally.   The...[Read More]



Review: EC Technology’s uniquely shaped bluetooth speaker

   Sold by EC Technology, I’ve been using one of their speakers during this past week or so. This is a speaker that is designed to be portable, as it’s fairly small in its design (even compared to the other bluetooth speakers I’ve tried), and has a removable lanyard attached to it. In an odd twist, it has a bit of an unusual shape.   The appearance of this is shaped like an acorn...[Read More]



Review: Koopower’s screwdriver set

 Most of what I review here are related to smartphones. Smartphones and tablets have been a hobby of mine for several years now, so I’m good with that. Every so often though, I get to try something that’s a bit out of my comfort zone though. Koopower has sent me a screwdriver set to try out, and overall I thnk it’s a decent value prop. It is geared towards those who would use a s...[Read More]