Bennys Addictive Survival Game

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Benny Blowfish Bennys Addictive Survival Game

Benny is hungry, very hungry and in order to survive he sneaked into enemy’s territory stealing and munching their food. Certainly, they don’t want that and try to stop you by bristling with their prickles and therefore, you should beware of every physical contact! A variety of puffer are among them which are all different in their features. On top of that, the game comprised some weapons like Bullet-Time, Radioactive Mode, Underwater Mine and a Boss.

 A very simple game to pick up and play but Benny the Blowfish is hard to master. To get any confusion out of the way, upon searching on Google Play, you find two hits. I assume one is an older version which is dated November 2012. The development team must have started from scratch with what they learnt from the previous version, which, if I’m honest, was reviewed pretty badly. Use the link at the bottom to download the correct version!

The name of the game is very simple, you control little Benny the cute Blowfish to eat up the stars and stay away from all the nasty other fish in the sea. Leaderboards are available using Google Play Game Services but nobody in my circles are playing it. My high score isn’t that great but I’d love to see how well my “friends” do too.

Bennys Addictive Survival Game isn’t going to win mobile gaming awards for innovation but that’s okay with me. It’s the quick 10 minute session when waiting at the doctor’s surgery or at the bus stop. Little Benny is a good time killer, the graphics and game play are spot on, the title runs very well, it’s responsive to your touches, multi-player and different modes are available to add a bit of length. It’s fun, the main character is cute and ticks all the boxes. We’d recommend our readers to grab it for free, with zero ads.

You can view a little game play video…



Download Bennys Addictive Survival Game below;

Play Store link to Bennys Addictive Survival Game

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  1. Explains it a bit better.nice game!


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