Best Apps Of 2019 To Make Your Business Pop

As a business owner, you simply can’t afford to get stuck in the twilight zone where mobile apps are concerned. Statistics reveal that around 40% of users will change to a competitor after a bad mobile experience, and no mobile presence means no business. Apps are used for anything nowadays, whether it’s navigation or managing personal finances. For businesses, app development has come a long way and undoubtedly provides owners with that extra edge over their competitors.

Make 2019 The Year Things Get Done

One of the biggest resources a business has is time. If the time is spent wisely, this has a direct impact on the bottom line. Apps such as Asana prove that time management and delegation can happen from a mobile device. Another great app for those who tend to get carried away with to-do lists is Trello. This allows businesses to do away with all those sticky notes that float around the announcement board in the office, and delegate specific tasks to certain individuals or teams. For those who just want to keep the team informed without sending multiple text messages or emails, Slack happens to fill the gap.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Apps such as Pipedrive prove that business owners and their sales teams can have a completely mobile office without having to lug around gear such as scanners and laptops. This app allows sales teams to access their leads, schedule appointments, and make note of the concluded business on the go. According to Conklin Media, 58% of traffic is mobile, which means that businesses that rely too heavily on the paper office will soon find themselves outmaneuvered by their competitors. By accessing leads instantly as they come through, the possibility of losing the site visitor to a competitor is significantly reduced.

Put Together The Right Team

For business owners, one of the most time consuming tasks in business is the quest for the perfect staff member. Advertising a position, sifting through resumes, and then piecing together enough info before calling in the ideal candidate can be laborious. The alternative is to employ the services of a recruitment agency, but this can be expensive. Instead, businesses should consider apps such as Workable. The app is available on a pay-as-you-need basis too, which means you don’t need to subscribe to it indefinitely. For users, this means access to an ideal workforce that has already been prescreened and vetted, with simply the interview remaining.

For businesses, apps allow the effective employment of time and other resources, which free up business owner’s hands to do what they do best.

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