Best hardware and software for streaming media to your TV

2016 has seen plenty of fascinating products and software released that aims to make streaming media from our mobile to our televisions a lot easier.

Although there have been many efforts that have sought to help us watch YouTube videos and play online games via our television sets, they’ve often suffered from having confusing interfaces and connectivity issues that have led many people to spend more time screaming at their televisions rather than enjoying the content!

streaming apple tv

However, new brands like Roku and massive multinationals like Apple have endeavoured to overcome these issues by releasing some great hardware throughout 2016. The fourth generation of Apple TV earned some fantastic reviews by including handy features that allowed you to talk directly to your handset rather than having to click through a letterpad to find your favourite YouTube video.

And the accompanying Siri remote control could even act as a games controller that showed just how serious Apple was about transforming our TV experiences. Amazon were quick to follow up with their Fire TV Stick including the Alexa Voice Remote so that your television could even talk back to you to remind you when a particular program is starting.

amazon streaming

Obviously not all of us need such impressive technological solutions, as even the cost-effective Google Chromecast can do an admirable job of allowing us to browse through Netflix’s movies and play some roulette on the Lucky Nugget Casino gaming site, whether it’s the European or American version.

However, despite a great range in terms of price options and features for these hardware solutions, there are those who prefer to rely on the latest wave of software apps to help them play games and view internet content on their television.

streaming chromecast

Many people have been quick to download the Tubio app which doesn’t even need a dongle to connect your mobile to your television over the Wi-Fi network. Whilst this incredible app only works on a limited range of televisions, it shows how this could be the way that we’ll start to use our mobiles as remote controls in the future.

And with many other new brands like MediaCast starting to offer other similar solutions to watching internet content on our televisions, it looks like we can all enjoy more convenient games, movies and music on our mobiles and TV sets in the future.

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