Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review

Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review


Black External Battery Case (HTC One X) Review

One disadvantage of the new phones coming out is the lack of removable battery, which allowed people to upgrade to larger battery’s and get a bit more power. This external battery case from is a great way round this restriction.

You can charge it, slide in your phone and away you go:


I love the material this case is made from, its got a smooth finish and allows you to grip the phone securely. The black colour goes well with the phone and matches the outside perfectly so it looks like one whole phone instead of separate entities. The stand at the back is made from the same material so it holds the phone up and allows for literately hours of movie viewing on the train to work. It has lovely blue lights to highlight the battery state, they aren’t too obvious so it doesn’t take away from the look and feel of the case itself.


My HTC One X fits in perfectly into this case. You also have that comforting clip noise so you know its in securely and not going any where. There’s very little movement once the phone is in there and helps the phone stay connected. You also dont lose any camera or sound quality, the sound is actually slightly better as this seems to add some volume. The headphone jack is not compromised either and still excepts a variety of headphone types.

photo (3)

In use

This case works as advertised, after its been fully charged (Around 8 hours) you can get almost a full 24 hours out of it before it loses all charge.  It does add a lot of extra bulk to your phone and it will take time to get used to the extra weight and size.  The extra size does not obstruct the general use of the phone, taking calls, photos or listening to music all work without any issues. The stand works great, I tested this on the train home and it holds the weight of the phone allowing for some good movie watching.


The case looks great. Its got a sleek black design and blue lighting to add a bit of class to the look of you phone. The only problem I have with it is the silver “power” button on the phone, and would hope in future releases this gets moved to the back or top of the case. The stand is hidden at the back of the case and doesn’t obstruct the look or feel.

photo (2)IMAG0464photo (1)


I am an avid case user, and to find a great functional case like this is a rare find. It does everything it says on the tin and does it without feeling cheap or looking tacky. This is great for those long journeys away from a charging port and doesn’t effect the use of the phone. The stand makes it easy to sit back and watch your favourite shows and helps the phone stay sturdy. For under £30 I cant find any issues with this case.

The case can be found here – HTC One X External Battery Case (Black)

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