Bobino Phone Holder Review

Bobino Phone Holder Review

The life of a gadget freak can be an untidy one, with cables hanging everywhere and expensive smartphones left in danger while they’re attached to a power socket. This phone holder from Bobino aims to help by providing a little shelf just below your power socket where you leave your phone while charging.


Instead of having the cable lying around creating a trip hazard, you can wrap it around the holder until it’s just the right length to reach your phone’s charging port. Unfortunately there is nowhere to clip the end of the cable when not in use.


The holder is made of sturdy, quality plastic while the base that your phone rests on is coated with a grippy rubber-like material. This should keep it in place but if you accidentally knock against your phone it could still go flying.


I think the standard power socket in the UK must be the largest throughout the world, and the ring of this phone holder tends to overlap the switch a little. This can make it tricky to get the holder to fit well and sit straight, especially with some chargers. If you’re happy to leave the switch turned on then it is usually okay.

This phone holder is a good size, big enough to hold the larger sized smartphones. It can also fold flat and so is very portable – you’ll have no problem taking it with you when travelling.


Overall if you want to turn a power socket into a charging station for your phone, then Bobino’s phone holder will do the job. I’ve seen smaller but similarly designed items in the local pound shop (dollar store), but I wouldn’t trust my phone on them. Bobino’s offering is a better bet, and won’t break the bank priced at only £4.85 on Amazon UK or $9.00 on Amazon US.

Available in a choice of colours, you’ll find full details of this phone holder by following the link below to the Bobino website, along with a range of other accessories to make your life easier.bobino-logo

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