BookCase for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from GEAR4

BookCase for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge from GEAR4

I didn’t want to like this case, as I’m normally the first one to make fun of people with card wallets in their phone case. But GEAR4 took up the challenge, and by the end of it I ended up really liking this case, and I now use it all the time.


I was immediately drawn to the orange edging on the case. With a black top and bottom, the orange edging is a great way to add a bit of colour and show off the case a bit. The case completely covers and protects the phone. The top houses the 2 card slots, and the magnetic “tab” which allows the top to stay secure around the phone.

I hadn’t realised, but the top actually allows you to take phone calls even with the case closed. There are orange “spots” on the bottom and a silver grate along the top, both line up with the gear and mouthpiece of the phone. I tested these with a number of calls and nobody knew the difference. So I didn’t have to mess around with the tab and holding the case open.


The outer part of the case is made from a black material. It’s almost rubbery in texture and has a grippy look and feel to it, meaning it won’t fall out of my hand. The back of the case is deep enough that the camera is completely protected from being back down.

Inside are the two card slots, with an orange lining. Then there is the main part of the case, where the phone is placed. The orange bumper is flexible enough to allow me to place my phone in with not too much trouble. The protection goes around the entire phone, with buttons protected and spaces for the various ports and IR blaster.

I did find the buttons a little stiff with the case on, and when trying to lock the phone, I had to give it a good squeeze, sometimes knocking the volume keys by mistake. I had no problems with using any USB charging cables, though had some difficulty with the headphone jack. The M4’s I reviewed before have a big connection and this doesn’t sit flush with the port on the case. So I have multiple times brushed the connection and knocked it out.

When using the wireless charger I like to see my phone face, as I need to check the time and turn off alarms. I tried flipping the front and attaching it to the back, but I wasn’t able to get the wireless charger to pick it up. I ended up having to opening it fully and have the front “flap” going over the charger.


Overall I really liked this case. As a person who hasn’t used a case like this before, there are certain things that took a little getting used to, but for only £35 It is a great little purchase to fully protect your phone.



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