Braun Beard Trimmer & Gillette ProShield Chill Review

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Braun Beard Trimmer & Gillette ProShield Chill Review

Coming into the new year, I tend to want to better my appearance. This was done by taming my rocking beard! This was achieved with the Braun beard trimmer and the Gillette chill razor.

Braun Beard Trimmer

I have owned Braun products in the past, and they have always been long lasting and built well. The Braun beard trimmer feels incredibly well made, there is a rotary dial which allows me to adjust the cutting length of the trimmer. This ranges from 1mm to 10mm, and the other longer comb is for hair between 10mm to 20mm.

I found the cutting to be smooth and simple, with no real hair pulling. I also found it easy to hold for long periods of time, and washing after under the tap is really simple.

This pack also comes with a cleaning brush, oil for the blades and a neat travel bag to keep everything in. I have had trimmers in the past not supply the bag and attachments end up getting lost. The blades are incredibly sharp, and will surely outlive me.  Charging the trimmer to full took around 8 hours but that does give me almost an hour of use.

You can grab this for only £25, which is an excellent price.


Gillette ProShield Chill

The Gillette chill razor handle is identical to others in the same series, such as the Proglide. The shape and weight are all very familiar, just with a blue colour embedded in the handle. One thing I did notice was that the blades also fit other similar razors such as the Proglide, so no need to throw old blades away.

The lubricated strip works incredibly well, with the shaving gel. I haven’t had a razor burn since using this. I also love the flexi ball, as this allows me to shave areas, which normally takes me a couple of turns to get.


This is a really nice razor, and only £8, which is a good price.



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