Camera 2 – Review

Camera 2 – Review


Camera 2 – Review

If you want to take a photo like an old Polaroid camera then you have an array of apps to choose from. What you will have to search for are the camera apps which offer a more fun way of taking photos, with cool filters and an easy to use interface. One I have used before was Paper Camera, but the release of Camera 2 offers a cooler experience.

With Camera 2 you get the standard hipster filters such as lomo and sepia, but what I like about this app is the more fun features. For example, there are retro filters that make your images look like they’re straight out of the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. But something I had a lot of fun with was the comic, sci-fi, and computer filters.


Camera2-2013-05-30-10-01-11 Screenshot_2013-05-30-10-01-28

The way filters are displayed is slightly different then other apps, you pick the “category” for the filters and then swipe across the screen to flick between them. You get to see what the image will look like using each filter and saves you from picking the wrong one and allows you to make a better decision. The multiple live filter preview is awesome and what could be the new norm for future apps of this kind. I think this app is worth the asking price, as there are no new additional costs and you get what you pay for. I have since found out that for the video filter to work you need a device with the NEON instruction set, which most modern phones and tablets have.

This app is great for hipsters and geeks alike, as it offers an extensive supply of filters for any mood.

Link for the app is below:


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