Car Park Control – Review

Car Park Control – Review


Car Park Control – Review

Now I don’t drive, but it sure looks fun! Well that was my impression after the marathon gaming session I had with Car Park Control. You get the opportunity to crash cars, hit those annoying pedestrians and not have to wait for roadworks.
Car Park Control is an incredibly easy game. All you do is draw a path for where you want the car to car. This style of gameplay is similar to Air Control and Flight Control games, so a lot of people should feel right at home. The main focus of the game is to get the car to their parking spot and then to get them out again. You gain coins when you park the car correctly, and lost if you crash. This main sound simple enough, but the game starts to fill out a bit when you start heading into obstacles.


Obstacles ranging from roadblocks to pedestrians, will just slow you down, while others will cause you to completely fail the objective. I have noticed that the levels seem to follow the same sort of theme, this does start to become problematic as you don’t get a lot of variety in the level design. The levels are broken up by objectives, these include filling all the car slots simultaneously. This would normally be quite simple but the developers have made it so the driver get angry if they’re stopped for too long.  As you progress through the levels different cars will be made available, these vary in speeds and can make the game more difficult. You also get the standard bonus system, which help gain boosts and help through the game.

One issue I had was the music is very limited, I suggest turning it on mute and put on some Anvil! This is actually good for the game, as it shows that everything else is perfect, and just one small issue regarding the music. I found Car Park Control a very fun and addictive game; Its worth a go, and its free so your not wasting anything trying this game out.

 Download the game below:


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