Badger, Notification Widget- Review

Developer’s description Badger is the widget for unread messages and notifications. Just pick an app and Badger takes care of the rest, adding a small badge with the notification count for that app. Since Badger is a widget, it works on any launcher and with any app that creates notifications!   Setting up Badger is simple: under Settings > Security, grant Badger “Notification ...[Read More]

Holo Text Clock – Review

Developer’s description Holo Text Clock; Holo Text Clock displays a grid of letters, of which some are illuminated. Read out, they form a sentence describing the current time in five minute intervals, for example It is five past ten. Four lights at the bottom indicate the minutes to be added to get the exact time.   After reviewing a few apps and games recently, that, to be honest, had a ter...[Read More]

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper – Review

Developer’s description.. Fly on the wings of a lightning storm and touch the clouds high up in the sky! Let these live wallpapers make you feel alive and powerful – just like a real thunderstorm!     Pick from a choice of ten High Definition live wallpapers from famous cities around the world. Add some awesome lightning effects and rainfall. The end product will result in some spectacular s...[Read More]

Sense5 Wallpapers Added….

   We added a new wallpaper pack to our Downloads Tab if anyone is interested, please feel free to download and enjoy.  Thanks to Land Of Droid for the original share.  

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