RAVPower 15000mAh Charger – Review

RAVPower 15000mAh Charger – Review How much battery can you buy for £39.99? The answer is a lot! The RavPower 15000mAh is a behemoth of a battery, allowing you to charge your device seven times, or two devices at the same time three times each, or even one full charge for a laptop. This is a lightweight, stylish charger, that fits perfectly in your bag and easily allows you to charge any of ...[Read More]

Recoil Winders – Review

Recoil Winders – Review  In life you will normally find yourself with three sets of cables, charger, USB and headphones. These three will be with you forever, and always have to be stored, I am the kind of person to wrap them around themselves, stick’em in a corner and forget about them. But there is a better way, a simpler way and a cooler way, enter Recoil Winders. These little thing...[Read More]

Wrap’It – Review

Wrap’It – Review If you’re the kind of person to wrap their headphones around their phone or other device, then Paul Hanna has developed a great accessory for you. Wrap’It attaches directly to your smartphone, mp3 player, laptop, or any other device with a smooth surface and it does this without using glue or any adhesive. Wrap’It uses a very simple technique to stick...[Read More]

CordCruncher – Review

CordCruncher – Review What are the two major problem every gadget user has, battery running out and headphones getting tangled. The issue being that when you try to untangle them you tend to get frustrated and you run the risk of damaging your headphones. What the human race needs is a set of headphones that don’t get tangled and at an affordable price. Both of these points are covered...[Read More]

Meenova Card Reader – Review

Meenova Card Reader – Review I first heard about this device, when it was still on Kickstarter, and it had already destroyed their initial goal, and was gaining more traction with everyday. But looking at the device thats no wonder, they were developing a small unit to be plugged into the MicroUSB port of any Android device as long as it has USB On-The-Go support, to allow it to read MicroSD...[Read More]

SmartWallit Pro – Review

SmartWallit Pro – Review Wallet, keys and phone. This chant can be heard all over the world, while people go to work, the shops or steel mill. This is normally done with a sort of ancient dance that involves patting each pocket on your clothing. This will now become a thing of the past with SmartWallit Pro! This device which fits in your wallet is still 20 days from the Kickstarter end date,...[Read More]

NanoGrip – Review

NanoGrip – Review Always losing your phone, keys or change on the dashboard of your car? Want a place to keep your device, but it keeps slipping off? Then look no further than this excellent product, NanoGrip! The guys who sell this, very kindly sent it over to me, along with an example of their competitors, and their product is far superior. You can stick this on the back of screens, on you...[Read More]

Everdock – Review

Everdock – Review Stop your search, we at Droidhorizon have now found the only dock you will ever need. The EverDock was created by FŪZdesigns, led by David Gengler and Cameron Gibbs. I spotted this on Kickstarter and was interested by the slogan “the only dock you’ll ever need”, the EverDock works with most devices including smartphones and tablets of different shapes and sizes, inclu...[Read More]

Motorola Moto X UK – Review

Moto X UK – Review   After 6 months of waiting, the UK got it’s hands on the first high end Motorola since the Razr HD . I say high end even though most people are calling it a “mid range” phone just based on internal hardware. This is where I think they are going wrong. The build quality is just beautiful. Even on the “Made in China” versions the UK gets. The screen is bright and sharp...[Read More]

HTC One Mini – Review

HTC One Mini – Review Thanks to our good friends at Clove, we have had the chance to use the HTC One Mini exclusively now for 2 weeks and thought we’d share our thoughts and feelings on the HTC Ones little brother. We’ll try to break things down into what we think are the key areas when buying a phone. We also have a HTC One in the office, and will be using it to compare features and s...[Read More]

Battle For Your Living Room: Chromecast vs Android Mini-PC

Back in July, Google announced the Chromecast – a $35 HDMI dongle that connects to your TV and plays media from the cloud over WiFi.  However there is another inexpensive category of dongle – the Android Mini PC – that promises not only to play your media, but run your Android apps and games just like your phone or tablet. Being UK based, neither option was readily available to m...[Read More]

Sony Xperia Z1 – Review

We’ve been using the Sony Xperia Z1 exclusively now for 2 weeks and thought we’d share our views on the latest flagship smartphone from Sony. We’ll break things down into what we think are the key areas when deciding to purchase a device and give our opinions if it matches what’s on offer today. There are plenty of positives with this phone and even vast improvements from w...[Read More]