Choetech’s T535-S Dual Wireless Charger Review: Share The Power

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Choetech's T535-S - Box

So far wireless charging has always been a solitary affair, but thanks to Choetech you can now share your charging pad with a loved one. Their new T535-S pad can recharge two Qi compatible phones at the same time.

Choetech's T535-S - Contents

To get this oblong-shaped charging pad connected to your USB power source you get a USB Type-C cable that connects to a port at the back. The pad has been designed to prevent slippage with grippy PU leather on top and a black plastic base with rubberised feet. Everything seems well made from durable materials.

Choetech's T535-S - Underneath

T535-S has no less than 5 charging coils inside which is a big advantage over many Qi chargers. Not only does this improve charging efficiency but it means you don’t need to be that fussy about the position of your phone – it charges pretty much anywhere you leave it on the pad. A green LED indicator also lights at the front to let you know it’s charging.

Choetech's T535-S - Side

When connected to a QC 3.0 wall charger, this pad also supports the fast wireless charging protocols available on recent high-end Samsung (10W) and Apple (7.5W) phones. Other models automatically get the Qi standard 5W charge. T535-S can share up to 20W between two phones so charging together doesn’t impact charging speed.

Choetech's T535-S - Two Phones

This charger performed flawlessly for me, quickly charging one or two phones conveniently and with no issues. At just under $40, Choetech have created a great alternative to buying and wiring two separate chargers to your desk or night-stand. If you’re looking for the ideal Valentine’s gift to share with the phone lover in your life then check out the link below for more details…

Choetech Website

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