Clash of Clans – Review

Clash of Clans – Review

Clash of Clans – Review

There will come a time, where you find a game everyone says is “addictive” and that they “cant put it down”, and when you play it, you actually cant stop playing it! I found this with GTA V and I have also found it with Clash of Clans. This game is very heavily based around IAP and though this makes it hard to progress without spending a dime, it is possible to do and its fun to do it.

Clash of Clans - Screenshot 1Clash of Clans - Screenshot 2

Clash of Clans drops you straight into a tutorial, telling you how and when to spent your gold etc, basically setting you up for the actual start of the game. You get given a camp and a boat load of resources to start you off. You can build mine for gold and generators for elixir, but spend your starting money wisely. I blew it all on storage units and troops, meaning I had very little to spend on the important things. Now Clash of Clans works in realtime, and needs a constant connection so it can ping its servers. This means when you need gold, you have to wait a couple of hours for it to be mined. On the surface this can be a bad thing, meaning you cant play offline and that you have to play in bursts. But after a couple of days, this can be a positive feature, you end up spending more wisely and making sure you have enough storage for when you go to sleep.
Clash of Clans - Screenshot 3 Clash of Clans - Screenshot 4The main part of the game is to complete various battles with the “orc” enemies. These consist of different levels, each containing a different map and of course each one is harder then its predecessor. You attach each level with your various troops, which you can buy and upgrade from you clans home. Upgrading buildings will allow you access to stronger troops, meaning you can complete more levels. One thing I found is not to go overkill on the troops, as they cost money to train and when you complete a level you lose them. Meaning if you use 30 troops and only 4 die, when you complete that level you lose the 26 troops.

Clash of Clans - Screenshot 5

This game should come with a warning message, about overuse. I suggest always playing in small bursts, as its connected to the internet and can suck your battery dry. This falls into the Farmville style of gaming, but is very fun to use.

Download the game below:Google Play - Middle Manager of Justice

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