CM Backup – Review

CM Backup – Review

CM Backup – Review

With all the apps out there, its always nice to highlight a brand new release and one that simplifies a complicated procedure. CM Backup is a brand new app, which uses a one-tap design to help you backup your contacts, sms and call log easily. The design and look is smooth, and uses some great animations.

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Its nice to be able to use a program with very little maintenance. CM Backup grabs your messages, contacts and call log and then uploads it to their server space. All you need to do is create an account, or sign in with Google. Then press the cloud button to upload the data.

What’s good is that you can select what data is uploaded. So you can just backup your log log if thats you kinda thing. It also checks the stored data, with that on your device, so theres no need to restore a backup if it all matches. This is a nice addition and avoids any unnecessary downloads.

The CM Backup features include:

  1. Cloud backup
    Backup your contacts to the cloud (including images, birthdays, address and other related information), SMS,MMS and call logs to ensure the safety of your data.
  2. Free to choose backup items
    You are free to select any specific items to backup. The same goes for recovery.
  3. Backup updates
    Backup your updates only to avoid reappearance of backed up files.
  4. Support multi-accounts to login
    Currently support login with Facebook,Google+,Twitter accounts.
  5. Others
    Quick scan of backup items, one-tap backup and recovery, backup details at a glance.

To celebrate the release, the guys behind CM Backup are doing a giveaway. Just write down your comments in “CM Backup” G+ community, you’ll get chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Event Period: 8/5/2014 – 11/5/2014

How to win?

1. Download CM Backup app and try it
2. Enter & join their “CM Backup” Google+ Community
3. Write down your comments for CM Backup ( Bug report, Suggestions, etc. )

There will be 3 winners who selected by their team members from all participants, the best one of all will get $50 Amazon Gift Card and another 2 winners will get $5 Amazon Gift Card.

This is a really nice little app. Its simple and still has a lot of room to grow and develop. Its free, and well worth a download. Also theres a chance to win $50, which is an added bonus!

Download CM Backup Below:

Play Store

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  1. I havent been able to check in to cm back app for a week. Losing points, cant play rock, paper, scissors game either. Please fix this asap.


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