Comparing Indoor VS Outdoor Covers

Comparing Indoor VS Outdoor Covers

Covering your car can be a great way to protect its paint job and overall condition, especially during storage. As you think about storing your car or truck, you may wonder what type of cover is the right choice for your vehicle. One of the main factors to consider is where the vehicle will be stored. If it will be amongst your old gas station signs in the garage, it needs a different cover than if it will be outside.

Indoor Car Covers

Typically, indoor car covers are designed to protect vehicles from dust. There are usually few other hazards inside. In many cases, indoor covers are less expensive.

Indoor covers may be clear or somewhat transparent. They are not intended to protect paint against UV rays, nor are they designed to protect against the weather.

Some indoor covers have soft liners on the inside such as fleece to help cushion the paint job even more. Additionally, this type of cover is usually very breathable to avoid trapping moisture against the vehicle exterior.

If you plan to only store your vehicle near your model engines and other enthusiast accessories, this is the right type of cover for you. Even if your garage is well protected, using a cover for long-term storage is always a good idea.

Outdoor Car Covers

Conversely, outdoor covers are designed to protect your car or truck from all sorts of hazards. They are usually weatherproof to keep rain and snow off your vehicle. Additionally, they are opaque to block out UV rays that can damage the paint job.

Most high-quality outdoor covers are more expensive than their indoor counterparts. However, you receive a lot of benefit for the extra cost. They can even protect your vehicle against bump, scratches, sap and bird droppings.

If you buy a cheaper outdoor cover, you may run the risk of moisture building up underneath. However, good quality covers are sufficiently breathable to let the moisture out without letting the elements in.

Which Should You Use?

The answer to this question really depends on where you will be storing your vehicle. If you plan to only keep it indoors, you may as well save a little money and use a high-end indoor cover.

If you expect to ever store your vehicle outside, you should invest in a good quality outdoor cover. Overall, outdoor covers can do everything their indoor counterparts can do and more. You can always use an outdoor model inside, but you can’t do the reverse and get the best results.

Perhaps more important than which type of cover to use, however, is that you use a high-quality cover. Protecting your vehicle from dust, dirt and the elements requires an effective protector. Covering is one of the best ways to save your paint job.

Find the Right Car Accessories

For many enthusiasts, covering their beloved vehicles is just part of the territory. In the same way that wearing some classic car t-shirts is part of the fun, so is showing your car or truck some love. With a few of the right accessories, you can ‘baby’ your favorite mode of transportation.

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