A Complete Guide: How to Become a PC Master Race

A Complete Guide: How to Become a PC Master Race

The PC Master Race is a growing community of gamers who believe that PC gaming is superior to console gaming and rightly so.

A PC or Personal Computer is a computer that gives you options. You have the freedom and functionality to modify your PC to perform or look a certain way.

Consoles, on the other hand, do not offer users any freedoms. When you buy a console, you subject yourself to its limitations. There is nothing to do to advance its functionality or performance, and you often have to wait years for a system upgrade that gives you a new function that was always possible on a PC. Essentially, when you buy a console, you are buying an overpriced piece of obsolete tech.

Why the PC Master Race Lords over Console Plebeians

PCs are in constant evolution. Every year the PC platform grows in its capabilities and power. The PC is genuinely personal, free from the control of companies and their regulations. Rather than have some entity dictate to you how you can play or what you can play, you have the power and the freedom to improve your own PC “shrine” and play however you like.

As a consumer, you are free to create software and your own games, and you are also free to share or sell them to anyone. Not so for console gamers.

Console gamers are stuck with what they have. They cannot exchange components with new ones. Unlike PC gamers, console users lose out on new developments. PC gamers can remove and replace parts inside their computers whenever they want, and if they need extra space, they can make use of external GPUs or add better CPUs to improve processing powers. It means as part of the PC master race you can improve your graphics in ways that console gamers could never imagine.

Cost Barriers

When Sony announced the price of the PlayStation 3 at $500, there was a collective gasp in the gaming community. That was a steep price to pay considering the limitations that consoles have. You can rig your PC to outperform a PS3, PS4 or XBOX for less with simple component additions.

For example:

Ramp up your processing speed with a Core i3 CPU for less than $100, or fit a Nvidia GeForce 1050 for $120. Get more space with an external GPU or get a high-end PSU for less than $50. You can do so much more without getting to that ridiculous $500 mark.

Simply put, the PC game race is not limited by cost. It is cheaper to get your computer to outperform the best next-gen console that’s out there.

When it comes to video games, console manufacturers have been monopolizing the gaming industry for a long time. They hijack developers and games and force fans to pay higher prices. PC gamers not only have a superior platform that is cheaper, but game platforms like Origin and Steam offer discount prices for PC games quicker than console players can get them for themselves. There is also a vast library of games for PC gamers than for consoles like the famous “League of Legends.”

The PC master race lords over console game plebeians because they have allowed themselves to be manipulated. As the race continues to grow, to challenge the system and confront gaming monopoly, some console gamers have seen the light. They are making the switch and enjoying the freedom, the versatility, affordability and the power of the PC.

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