Defender of the Crown – Review

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Defender of the Crown – Review

Defender of the Crown originally debuted in 1986, a whole year before a baby called Luke was born, so needless to say I  was not aware of this game until it was re-released on the play store. Further investigation informed me, that this game ahead of its time, a highly-polished game for the mid 80’s, but one that didn’t fit into any genre. Defender of the Crown feels like Civilizations but with a medieval theme, you have to raise an army and conquer Britain in bits and pieces. But the gameplay requires you to interact with it, this includes various forms of fighting, jousting, and management.

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Now before this week, if you had wanted to play Defender of the Crown you’d have to grab an old commodore or install a DOS emulator. But there is no need as the original publisher Cinemaware has ported the game to Android and put it up for everyone, for the low price of £1.49. Unfortunately having not played the original I cannot tell what the differences are, from what I can see aside from the touch-screen interface, the game looks pretty much identical to the first release. The controls and gameplay work really well, and I didn’t have a single issue playing this game.

The controls were easy to pick up, with the two buttons on the right and the control “square” on the left. Apart from these controls, the rest of the game feels like a time capsule buried in 1986. The aspect ratio, graphics, language and gameplay feels about as authentic as it can get. The game is broken up into segments of Britain, and its your mission to complete each one. This is made up of playing smaller games in each section, such as jousting.

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This game feels like a role-playing game, though there’s also large amounts of strategy thrown in, this can be seen clearly by how to spend money and move troops. Arcade segments give short bursts of skill-based playing, mixed with your choice of character and their strengths and weaknesses. I found this game really enjoyable, a nice blast from the past and well worth the under £2 cost.

Download Defender of the Crown below:

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