DMI and ChargeApp Collaborate to Power UK Smartphones and Beyond

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ChargeApp Premium Locates Free Charge Points and Delivers Exclusive Retail Discounts and Offers


Today, ChargeApp and DMI announced the availability of an enhanced version of ChargeApp Premium, designed and developed for ChargeApp to include additional locations throughout Europe. With 90 percent of consumers now wanting free charging stations, charge points have become the new Wi-Fi hotspot. ChargeApp Premium eliminates the need to carry a charger at all times by enabling users to locate nearby charge points from ChargeApp’s network of over 3,500 free charging stations. ChargeApp Premium is available for download on Android and iOS.


  • Easy navigation: DMI worked with ChargeApp to display the locations of its charge point network on a map, powered by Google and Apple maps, in order to ensure that users can clearly identify their nearest charging options and plan their journey accordingly. The map features a customisable 200- to 3000-metre radius and has the ability to remember up to 10 charge point locations.
  • Digital marketing: Retailers have a direct channel of communication to the app’s users, enabling them to offer location-based discounts via push notifications. This provides a significant opportunity for retailers to increase footfall and brand loyalty.
  • Widespread availability: ChargeApp partners with retail giants such as Starbucks, Pret a Manger, John Lewis and McDonalds, as well as a number of smaller retailers. Charge points can be found at 45 mainland railway stations and all major UK airports. Future rollouts are expected in America, China and India.
  • For a good cause: 25p from every app download, which costs £1.49, is donated to ChargeApp’s charity partner, Help for Heroes.


Joe Giordano, founder, ChargeApp, said: “Running out of battery life while on the go poses a very real problem for consumers, one which we aim to resolve through our app and our partnership with DMI, which has allowed us to rapidly expand throughout Europe. We are very excited to launch ChargeApp Premium to provide real-time solutions in today’s fast-moving and technological society. Charge App gives added benefits back to its customers by providing instant offers and discounts in stores where they can re-charge. Together, we have provided a solution that keeps consumers on the go while providing real value to our retail partners.”

Magnus Jern, president of DMI International, said:
“Time spent per day on mobile devices keeps increasing, and the experiences continue to get richer with bigger screens, video, virtual reality and other services. Despite major improvements in battery technology, typical battery life is still less than a day for most users and has become a major inconvenience. We’re happy to be working with a company that has listened to consumers and responded with a service that helps solve this problem. The consumer was at the core of this project, from the app design and user experience right through to the user testing, and that’s a testament to the success of the app.”



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