Does the World Need More James Bond Games for Android?

Does the World Need More James Bond Games for Android?


The next James Bond movie will be the 25th in a series that started in 1962 with Dr. No. It remains to be seen whether Daniel Craig will remain in the title role or whether his license to kill will be handed over to someone else, though.

A survey by the Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult showed that 51% of people would prefer to see future James Bond movies sticking to the classic casting of 007 as a white, British male. Yet, 37% of those whose responded would be happy with an Asian Bond and a similar percentage would support the first female 007.

Whatever the future holds for James Bond movies, we can be sure that this franchise continues to be hugely popular. The suave, adventurous double agent has long been one of the world’s favorite characters. In fact, could there be a case for saying that mobile culture is oversaturated with Bond? Is this true, or is there still room for more 007 on our mobile devices?

Is James Bond Fairly Represented in Mobile Culture?

With over $5 billion grossed at box offices around the planet, this is the seventh most lucrative film franchise in history. 2012’s Skyfall alone brought in around $1 billion and was the fourth highest grossing movie in the US the year of its release.

Given this massive level of success, it is no surprise to see that 007 is highly visible in modern pop culture. Yet, at first glance, many of the online articles that mention Bond-related apps aren’t really about the famous double agent at all. Bond is so famous that his name is often mentioned in connection with spy apps and security features that aren’t actually specifically about him.

The truth is that the number of James Bond games and apps is extremely low when we consider the enormous global impact of the brand. So, what movies and aspects of Bond are ripe for turning into a mobile experience? Maybe we can find out by looking at some of the main features of the movies.

The Bond By Numbers interactive guide by Betway Casino shows us that he used the most gadgets in Moonraker, perhaps making this movie the ideal choice for a tech-focused adventure game. Equally, the fact that he used four vehicles in each of Diamonds are Forever and Quantum of Solace surely makes them suitable for racing-style games.

What about the games that have already been launched? What sort of mobile experience can you get just now when you look for a James Bond Android title? Whether you have the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro or something older, what spy adventures are out for your phone?

The Best and Worst Examples of Bond on Mobile

Billed as the first ever free to play Bond game for Android, James Bond: World Of Espionage was released in 2015 to such poor reviews that it was withdrawn the following year. Thankfully, the majority of titles you can find for your Android are far better than this doomed effort.

A quick look the Google Play Store shows us books, music, movies, and plenty of other ways of getting immersed in the thrilling world of 007. You can even add the iconic music as a ringtone and take part in quizzes about the dashing spy. You can buy classic Bond movies like Goldeneye on Amazon. However, perhaps you would prefer to fill your mobile device with his adventures instead.

There is no real stand-out James Bond game for mobiles. Indeed, many of the best spy games nod to 007 without specifically mentioning him, presumably due to licensing issues. If you want to go undercover and jet around the world then you will need to look for generic spy games rather than one that is part of the official Bond franchise.

If you want a Bond fix then try the FANDOM for: James Bond app. This has all of the information about the spy that you could ever want to know, even if it doesn’t give you action and high-speed chases to take part in. If you love trivia apps like Trivia Crack 2, you will enjoy this too.

Best of the Other Spy Games Around

If you are looking for mobile spying action then there is a good selection of games for you to choose from. These include classics such as Secret Agent Spy Survivor 3D, Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission, and Secret Agent Elite Spy Mission.

Out There: Omega Edition is set in outer space but it is easy to imagine 007 out there trying to work out how to get home. In the same way, he is such a powerful character that you can picture him taking part in just about any action or adventure game that you like.

Other games that could leave you shaken and stirred include Elite Spy: Assassin Mission and US Spy Agent Mission – Last Survival Battle 3D. There is no clear winner in this category but there are a good number of titles of this type that are worth taking a look at.

What Does the Future Hold?

Will the next James Bond blockbuster movie be accompanied by an Android game worthy of the franchise? Could the official James Bond store bring us exciting new games and technology to promote the movie? It is certainly time for a mobile 007 game that we can all get behind.

Overall, the future of James Bond looks as bright as ever, with the upcoming film highly awaited around the globe. Yet, surely the time has come for a top-class mobile game based on 007 too.

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