DroidHorizon’s Birthday Giveaway

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birthday prizes swag DroidHorizon’s Birthday Giveaway


Well here we are guys. Our little site has been running for two years and we’ve organised some prizes to give away to our friends and followers. If you have only recently started following us, hi, how are you? I’m Ste the owner of DroidHorizon. I used to write for another site before I made this one, I learned a lot of things and brought some of my friends in to share what they thought was cool also. Jump forward a couple of years and we’re still here doing our thing. Not much has really changed since the start. We review apps, games, accessories, hardware, mid to high end audio equipment and anything that connects to an Android phone or tablet. I want to say a quick thank you to my team because without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Also a thank you to contributors who have came and went with us on this great journey. I appreciate the help and time given to my site.

Moving on…..

The rules for our birthday giveaway are simple…

Please leave a comment with your namewhere you follow us (WE WILL BE CHECKING) and what device you currently use. 

The giveaway will run for a number of days and you’ll know you’ve won something because we will contact you in private via your given social network. You’ll get to choose your prize then that’s removed from the list. This will continue until all the prizes are gone. A reshare would be appreciated but not mandatory. Use the hashtag #DHbirthday

The prizes are…..

  • Cooler Master JAS Mini Aluminium Smartphone Stand via our friends over at Clove Technology
  • Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Nexus 5
  • Nexus 4 decal via our friends over at  DBrand
  • Motorola G decal
  • Motorola X decal
  • HTC One M7 decal
  • HTC One M8 decal
  • Android Mini (Series 03) Mystery Box
  • iZel Phone/ Tablet Stand
  • iZel Phone / Tablet Stand
  • IntoCircuit 11200 Power Bank
  • Zenus Masstige Smart Leather Wallet for Nexus 5
  • £10 Google Play Voucher
  • £10 Google Play Voucher
  • MiPow PlayBulb Smart Bluetooth LED Speaker Bulb via Clove Technology


The rules to enter should be very clear…..

Please leave a comment with your namewhere you follow us (WE WILL BE CHECKING) and what device you currently use. 



Chief Editor of DroidHorizon. I own a few different devices at the minute and enjoy writing reviews and sharing what I think is cool. You can often find me playing Playstation 4 or sprawled across the couch with headphones on (maybe with a nice beer or gin & tonic in-hand)


  1. John Adair and i follow you on G+ and use a HTC One (m7).
    Looks to be some very nice things up for grabs 🙂

  2. Simon Tucker. I follow you on Google + and use a Moto X 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! 😀
    Grace Carlyle. I follow you on G+ and Twitter and use a Nexus 5.

  4. Happy birthday, you’ve done an amazing job Ste. Using Nexus 5

  5. Happy Birthday! New to the crew, and following on G+! Beer and Tech, what’s not to love?

  6. Happy Birthday guys it’s Rich Hamilton here I follow you guys on G+, Facebook and now twitter congrats again for another year. Oh and my daily driver is still my Nexus 5.

  7. Happy Birthday! Thomas Morffew on G+. 🙂

  8. Congrats Ste and Droidhorizon happy 10th. Follow on G+ and use nexus 5.

  9. Clayton Ball aka Ballmore. I’ve been a follower and fan for 2 years on Google Plus. My main device is the Verizon Galaxy Note 2.

  10. Google+, Twitter (@age_dub) and probably Facebook. Yeah, I’m social. Currently rocking Xperia Z Ultra. Wishing for a LG G3 though!

  11. Happy Birthday, its Pratyush Mishra here following you on Google plus, and i have the Nexus 5 🙂

  12. Congrats Ste!

    (Google+ / Nexus 4)

  13. John Hattan, G+, and a Galaxy Note 1.

  14. Congratulations Ste. Myself Pankaj Sabharwal following you on Google Plus and I have Samsung S3.

  15. Congrats again ,finally understood instructions lol ,it’s been hot today mate ,following on g+ using HTC m8 ,,Mick mochan ,

  16. Ryan sigward. Following on Facebook. Using a HTC One M7

  17. Test

  18. Daniele Pantaleo, GPlusser, still using a Nexus S XD

  19. Ok it’s me. Everyone else can go home now as Ste promised me all the prizes to stop me telling the world about that incident with the carrot, the large tub of ice cream, a jar of gobstoppers and the 223rd boy scout battalion.

    Desire 816
    Transformer Prime
    And some others

    Happy birthday!

    Oh & I follow on twitter and G+

  20. Hey guys and gals!

    Four prizes have gone but everyone that has commented still has a chance to win something.
    Thanks for taking part in our giveaway, hopefully your name is picked at randomn next. 🙂


  21. hey….happy birthday 😀

    following on facebook (chandan kc)
    on twitter (handle : chandan_934 )

  22. Hey,
    Even if the Birthday was some days ago, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Keep your good work up and write a lot more reviews and articles the next year(s).
    I’m Markus Exler from g+ and I have a Samsung galaxy s3.


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