Droidhorizon’s Top 5 games of 2015


Well guys it’s here 2016 and with so much to look forward to this year in mobile gaming we take a look at some of last year’s top and most memorable mobile games for both tablet and phone, so let’s start in reverse order and links are in the titles guys so check them out, trust me we got you covered.


Number 5. Monster Legends

Nexus 6P_3346B8ECB829_

Monster Legends is a freemium game of breeding monsters and farming, you start off with a couple of monsters and get them to breed and the possibilities are ridiculous, with almost 250 monsters to breed and some taking nearly 3 to 4 days to hatch so you won’t run out of things to do and upgradable farms, pens, hatchery also.

Nexus 6P_4A48CDB225BC_

Along with breeding you also have quests, dungeons and PvP (player vs player) putting your monsters against somebody else’s for fame, glory and those all important XP points.



Number 4. Balls & Holes

Nexus 6P_304C004CDCFE_

Balls & Holes mixes the shadow type of game like anger of stick and blends it with the material look we’ve come to love and endless runners, as you may have guessed you run along jumping over gaps in the floor while running over mounds and avoiding the various sized balls that come hurdling down the same hill you’re running up.

Nexus 6P_290E2CF46FDF_


There are IAP’s in the shape of ad removal and purchasable characters, there are coins to collect along the way which can buy some of the characters (excluding the IAP guys of course) the idea is just to keep going and controls are easy as pie, left side of the screen when pressed gets you to run left, let it go and he runs right, right hand of the screen is your jump to …. well jump over obstacles .

Nexus 6P_65FAF0BCC56C_


Number 3. Madden Mobile

Nexus 6P_C31F6CDAE1C8_

Madden mobile brings the NFL Madden experience to your mobile device in a way that is that unrivalled, your team is what you can make out of packs you earn or buy in classes bronze, silver, gold, and elite so popular is this game ( especially with our American brothers & sisters ) there are communities on Google+ to give tips, and league invites.


Nexus 6P_11A84194488B_

The leagues which I mentioned above is similar to the war system from Clash of Clans in that one group of people are playing against another to determine a winner during a timed event. Of course you don’t have or need to be in a league ( it’s just fun to ) you can go it alone and go head to head with other players to gain those XP points and fans or you can take part in the single player events for reward packs and complete sets of cards for greater rewards.


Nexus 6P_0D0387ABB61A_

Like most games there are in app purchases for in game currency which range from fairly cheep to heavily expensive so be aware, the in game currency is gold and madden notes both can be used to purchase either player packs to boost your overall attack or defense with new players or event packs for the chance to complete those all important sets.

There is also an in game auction house to sell those not so important players for gold or to buy players the choice is yours.

Number 2. The martian : Bring him home

Nexus 6P_5EA44C84F230_

This is a unique story based game in which the story unfolds in your notification window, for those who have not seen the film or read the book its about Mark Watney who is stranded on Mars after he and his team needed to leave in a hurry during a major Martian storm, Watney is hit with debris forcing him away from the crew into the storm, his crew mates fearing the worse to leave him behind thinking him dead.

Nexus 6P_3BAF281558A3_

The basic mechanics of the game is to read the information (story) Watney is giving you then solving the scientific problems like how much oxygen needs to be vented etc..

Its a very fun game and to be honest you learn a little from it to and it puts you in the film/book to live all the heart pounding action

Nexus 6P_21FAD98972C3_

and finally our number 1 game of 2015

Number 1: Minecraft story mode

Nexus 6P_18B6D7077F79_

Needless to say Minecraft cannot do any wrong these days with monthly updates to their very popular minecraft pocket edition and the regular snapshots to PC and console versions, but excitement ran high last year when rumours started circulating about telltale games bringing a minecraft story based game, then during e3 it was finally announced and the minecraft community whet nuts and it is easy to see why.

Like all off telltale games it is decision based and the story unfolds as you decide weather it be go left or right or craft a diamond sword or a wooden pickaxe.

It is just over the 4 pound and with new chapter promised in either a purchase by chapter or a season pass

Nexus 6P_D058AA9CF570_

Needless to say every Minecraft fan in the world will want to play it and I am one of them and i’m pretty sure I will play this until the last chapter is done and dusted, this is a fantastic and easy to use game that captures what it would feel like living in the Minecraft world.

Nexus 6P_1CDC39D76016_

Well that’s it guys, that is my run down of what i think where the top 5 games of 2015 and it only gets better going into 2016 with new titles from Fireproof Games and telltale games releasing a new title to their popular episodic series catalogue

But let us know what you think, what would have been your top 5 we’d love to hear from you so drop a comment below or on our G+ and Facebook pages.

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