(Editorial) Why Microsoft Office Still Is The Best For Students

Why Microsoft Office Still Is The Best For Students

Microsoft made its way into our hearts and homes and it has stuck as the most used operating system in the world and its products including Microsoft office are the most used for day-to-day computer use. 

Over the years, Microsoft has evolved from versions like Vista to the now more recent windows 10, and Office has not been left behind. There are various versions of Microsoft office to choose from if you are in the market for such a data editing and manipulation software and it is tailor-made for your needs.

Microsoft Office

Office is one of the most famous of Microsoft’s products and everyone who has had access to a computer has come in contact with it. The office has evolved into the beauty it is today just like its host windows with a suite of tools; Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher and OneNote. All these tools handle a variety of specific jobs

All these superior tools come to work together seamlessly providing a one-stop shop for any data requirements you might have and work especially great with students as they are a great learning aid because of their ease of usability. There is a number of Office versions that you can purchase online at Software Keep for genuine products from the latest supported versions like Office 2007, Office for Mac 2011, Office 365, Office home for business and student, Office 2013 assorted versions as well the latest Office 2016.
In this review, we’ll look at two of these Office versions, Microsoft home and student the 2103 version, their capabilities and what makes them especially great to use by students and why this is the software any student should get as they head back to school.


Ms. Office Home and Student 2013

These are two Office Suites especially tailor-made for a special demographic; students. So, if you are one and wondering what software to be using then you’ve landed in the right place.

Office Home and Student 2013 were the new look much sleeker design of Office and come with the added advantage of cloud space. With Office home, you can add up to five users and includes Office for Mac. Office Home and Student comes with superior and specific tools for functionality in the household like making budgets and creating the best school work like presentations and report writing for students. 

Office Home and Student also has Cloud storage and remote access so you can access your Office files without your computer. This comes in handy especially for students at the school, as they don’t have to keep lagging around their computers for just one presentation.

Compared to other similar suites like Libre Office and Google Docs and Polaris that are all still good, Office with its dedicated features remains the best especially for students in their school work as it is specially crafted with better editing features and the difference will be noticed by the high-quality looking work that is produced by the Office Suite of applications.

As a final note, it is clear that as a student or as a parent, the best software to get your child to ensure their academic progress is the Office 2013 suite and let them get creative with features made specifically for them. Get this version of Microsoft Office 2013 at Software Keep for genuine Office and great prices as well by following the link 

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